How to Make Disney Princess Ariel Little Mermaid Cupcakes with Dinglehopper Toppers

Princess parties go best when they take inspiration from the greatest fairy tales, the Disney classics. That's one reason I want to share my Little Mermaid cupcakes with you!

I love how easy these Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Cupcakes are to make!

This is such an easy recipe to make for a Princess Ariel party, but they look amazing!

Grab the easy step by step guide to help you decorate some pre-made cakes and turn them into dinglehopper cupcakes in minutes!

Add some to your mermaid birthday party theme feast for extra fun!

The Little Mermaid

One of our favourite Disney movies is the film that sparked the Disney renaissance of the 1990s, The Little Mermaid.

It had been a while since a prominent Disney princess took the scene when Disney banked everything on its Hans Christian Anderson adaptation.

At that time, the studio which is so known for princess movies hadn't released a movie with a princess lead in nearly 30 years!

So the Little Mermaid is an important and pivotal movie for Disney fans who see the iconic princesses as quintessential Disney characters.

Our girls adore Ariel, the beautiful flame-haired mermaid.

They love her sweet innocent character and her funny names for all the things we take for granted, like the dinglehopper (fork) she uses to comb her bright red hair!

Ariel Inspiration

As The Little Mermaid is such a big deal for Princess movies and for Disney animation in general, the film is the ideal inspiration for any Disney princess celebration like a birthday party or baby shower. 

Add some flair to an afternoon tea, or a Disney Princess or mermaid themed party. You could use these cute cupcakes to make a princess fantasy come to life with these cute Little Mermaid cupcakes inspired by the Disney film.

This is such an easy cupcake decorating idea that you could even use it as an activity for kids to do at the party. They'll love decorating their own cupcakes with all the Ariel-inspired motifs and the dinglehopper forks.

The adorable shells on top of the cakes are made with these fun moulds*. And there are so many things you could do with them, definitely worth buying a set!

Dingle Hoppers are Key in These Little Mermaid Cupcakes

When I think of the Little Mermaid, one of the things that stands out in my mind is Ariel's visit to Scuttle the sea gull where he tells her all about the objects of the human world.

We all know about dinglehoppers, of course. They're those three-pronged tools for creating an "aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over" in his words.

The dinglehopper is key to these precious Little Mermaid cupcakes. You can get them on Amazon or at the Dollar Tree.

Then you can buy or make any cupcakes you want and top them with these easily found supplies by following the instructions below. The steps are simple and the result is fantastic!

How to Make Disney Princess Ariel Little Mermaid 

Before you start decorating these simple step by step Little Mermaid Princess Ariel cupcakes, here are  a few tips that will help you.

If you can't find the discs of Wilton coloured chocolate for the shells, you can make your own. Just melt regular white chocolate and add some drops of gel food colouring.

Remember to use just one drop at a time until you get the desired colour and don't use water-based food colouring because it will make the chocolate go all lumpy.

You can make your own cupcakes or use bought ones, we use this easy fairy cake recipe for ours. If you're making your own, leave them to cool properly before frosting.

Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Cupcakes


6 prepared cupcakes, either bought or make your own
1 can white frosting or make your own buttercream icing


1. Make or place frosting in a bowl and add 5-6 drops of purple food colouring. Mix well.

2. Place in a piping bag and, if using a tip, make sure to add that into the bag first before adding the frosting. Frost cupcakes in tight swirls and set aside.

3. In separate bowls, add about 1/3 cup of each chocolate colour then melt the chocolate according to  the package directions.

(Alternatively, use white chocolate and add a drop of gel food colouring to each.)

4. Carefully spoon the different coloured chocolates into the seashell moulds.*

* If the chocolates start to harden in the bowls, just pop them back in the microwave for a few seconds.

5. Leave the chocolates to set for about 20 minutes or until hardened.

6. Pop the chocolates out of the moulds and repeat this step with the different colours.

7. Once the chocolates are all done, place 4-5 shells, coral, starfish etc on the cupcakes.

8. Then stick in a fork, otherwise known as a “Dinglehopper”.

9. Sprinkle with a few nonpareil sprinkles for 'jewels'. Then serve and enjoy!!

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