7 Educational Shows on Disney+ Your Kids Will LOVE to Watch This Summer

Wondering what educational shows are available to watch on Disney+ this summer? Read on!

Have you got your summer plans sorted yet? Whatever you have planned, there are sure to be days when you're stuck at home and the kids are fed up.

Time to grab some screentime? Maybe! But it doesn't have to be mindless stuff - there are plenty of educational shows out there!

Scroll down for our pick of the best educational Disney Plus shows to watch this summer.

On those days when it's raining or it's just too hot to head outside for some outdoor play, these educational shows on Disney Plus can be a great way for the kids to learn while they relax indoors.

Disney Plus has turned into a great resource for educational shows for kids.

If you haven't taken a look lately, it has so much more than just Mickey, Minnie, and our favorite Disney characters. 

Today, you can find a variety of different types of shows and movies that are fun, educational or combine a mixture of both.

Here are just a few of the educational shows that you can find on Disney+.

The program offers many others so after you’ve watched these, you’ll still find plenty more shows that will help kids learn.

Plus they're fun, too!

Disney Shop Class

Disney Shop Class first premiered in 2020 and it focuses a team of young children who invent and build different things.

The kids are given a variety of different tasks and must create their own unique creations which are then judged for creativity and functionality. 


Sketchbook is a docuseries that captures and teaches kids about art, heart, and perseverance.

Through the series, Disney artists show kids how to draw some of Disney’s most popular characters.

As the artists are drawing, they also share how art has impacted their lives and showcases important messages about making mistakes and self-acceptance. 

Born In China

Born in China is a documentary that features the many different and amazing animals that live in China.

Kids will be able to learn more about pandas, snow leopards, golden monkeys, and more as they watch the documentary.

Kids will get to see how these beautiful creatures live and survive in sometimes unforgiving circumstances.

Brain Games

Brain Games is an interesting show that you can find on Disney Plus that will show you how the mind works.

It’s perfect for older children and will get their mind thinking.

As kids watch the series, they will learn more about how memory, attention, stress, and other things affect our brains subconsciously. 

Brain Games On The Road is another great educational addition to the series that takes learning on the road.

Among the Stars

Among the Stars is a six-part documentary series that tells kids more about the different space missions from the International Space Station.

Throughout the series, kids will learn more about some of the astronauts that have been sent to space to repair the station.

They will also be able to see more of the science and importance behind the missions the astronauts take.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

For older kids, mainly teens and tweens, who have an interest in exploring the world of cooking, Uncharted is a good series to watch and learn from.

The show follows Gordon Ramsay as he sets on a mission to find different cultures and dishes.

In the series, you’ll see Ramsay trekking his way through different territories to find what he needs to make these different dishes.

Little Einstein’s

A popular educational series for kids, Little Einstein’s has two seasons full of shows that kids can learn from.

The show follows a group of four friends who learn more about science as they explore the world in their rocket ship.

Each episode of the show will help teach children a little more about science through their adventures and adds some singing for some extra fun. 

Disney Plus is More Than Just Movies!

Disney has come a long way over the years by offering more and more shows that help kids learn. 

While there are plenty of funny cartoons and movies for kids to see, Disney Plus has also started featuring shows that delve deeper into different aspects of the world around us, helping kids learn.

When it’s time to take a break and enjoy some indoor learning time, check out these educational shows and movies on Disney Plus.

The kids will love learning about the different subjects and seeing how things work.

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