101 Ideas for Bored Kids this Summer - and they are all FREE!

Are you looking for fun things for your kids to do this summer?

Fed up with hearing "I'm bored!" every other day?

Check out this HUGE list of free things for kids to do this summer.

Yep, things for broed kids to do, during the summer, fa FREE!

The long summer holidays can be so expensive, with weeks of not much to do looming ahead of you, it's tempting to throw cash at the problem and come out the other end without a penny!

Kids of all ages seem to require constant amusement, they need food pretty much all the time, and without sufficient distraction, they are bored apparently 50% of the time!

Big days out, holiday camps and clubs and activity weeks are certainly going to add up fast!

So take a look at our HUGE list of 101 ideas for bored kids this summer, all of which are free!

That is definitely a win-win for us parents and the kids!

101 Ideas for Bored Kids this Summer - and they are all FREE!

Here are 101 ideas to get you all through the long summer holidays without spending a penny:

  1. Take a nature walk
  2. Make a den in the woods
  3. Have a tea party
  4. Go on a bike ride
  5. Climb a tree
  6. Go for a walk in the rain
  7. Make a list of things to spot and go on a scavenger hunt
  8. Watch some retro movies - Back to the Future anyone?
  9. Plan a weekly themed summer camp at home
  10. Hold your own Bake Off competition
  11. Look for fairies in the woods
  12. Bake some fairy cakes to take with you
  13. Go for a long hike
  14. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  15. Play board games
  16. Try Geocaching
  17. Make a book from paper and write a story or draw pictures
  18. Look for shells on the beach
  19. Make a fairy garden
  20. Draw on the pavement or walls with chalk
  21. Visit the library
  22. Camp out in your garden
  23. Go on a bug safari (minibeast hunt)
  24. Visit a free museum
  25. Get out your paddling pool and pool toys
  26. Go on a picnic
  27. Visit a splash park
  28. Declutter and donate to charity
  29. Learn some magic tricks
  30. Pick dandelions and make something delicious
  31. Visit a local playground
  32. Bake together
  33. Put on a puppet show
  34. Print out some coloring pages
  35. Go foraging for elderberries or blackberries
  36. Set up an obstacle course in your garden
  37. Paint rocks for your garden
  38. Make daisy chains
  39. Have a water fight
  40. Make a castle from old boxes and paint it
  41. Collect flowers and make perfume
  42. Learn some jokes
  43. Skim stones at the beach or across a pond
  44. Play hopscotch
  45. Go wild swimming - or just paddling
  46. Hit your recycling box and make a junk model
  47. Make wind chimes with shells or stones
  48. Play bingo
  49. Stay up late and gaze at the stars
  50. Use old clothes and gabric to make teddy or doll clothes
  51. Do yoga
  52. Take a breakfast picnic to the beach, park or forest
  53. Go for a barefoot walk
  54. Plant some seeds to grow flowers or vegetables
  55. Make a collage
  56. Wash the car
  57. Learn a new language and cook some dishes from that culture
  58. Do a science experiment
  59. Make a bug hotel
  60. Blow dandelion clocks
  61. Volunteer to help an elderly neighbour
  62. Make an elaborate dinner for your family complete with menus
  63. Read a classic novel like Swallows and Amazons or Tom Sawyer
  64. Search for a four leaf clover
  65. Use old newspapers to make dressing up costumes
  66. Watch the birds
  67. Visit a local farm
  68. Get up early to listen to the Dawn Chorus and watch the sunrise
  69. Make cards
  70. Take some arty photos around your home and garden
  71. Paint a picture
  72. Watch a bee
  73. Play football
  74. Study a famous artist
  75. Read aloud
  76. Put on your own sports day
  77. Make mudpies
  78. Play tag
  79. Look for animal tracks in the mud
  80. Press flowers and make a picture
  81. Draw around someone's body with chalk on the pavement
  82. Roll down a hill
  83. Make boats out of tin foil and float them in a stream
  84. Plan a movie night
  85. Make music - you could even make your own instruments
  86. Make nature paintbrushes
  87. Play Pooh sticks
  88. Explore natural science in your garden
  89. Write to a penpal
  90. Make your own slime
  91. Put on a play or a talent show
  92. Make a map
  93. Make a stop motion video with toys
  94. Go somewhere local you've never visited before
  95. Make your own playdough
  96. Build a sandcastle
  97. Make ice pops
  98. Collect sea glass
  99. Make a sun catcher
  100. Lay outside and watch the clouds
  101. Make a summer memory book

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