The Best Board Games for Families

Do you have a regular family game night?

Family games are such a great way to bond and have fun together, and you can even sneak some learning in too!

But with around 3500 new board games released each year, it can be difficult to choose the best ones. 

Here is our pick of the best board games for families.

With so many different games on the market, there are various criteria you need to keep in mind.  

Firstly, consider the age range of the people playing, and then think about everyone's interests.

Whether you are investing in new games for your family or buying a board game as a gift for a family this Christmas, it can be a challenging decision to make!

To make your decision making a little easier, here's our pick of the top 10 family game night products.  

Whatever your budget and preferences, you'll find at least one game below to match.

Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition Card Game

Designed to be played by 3-10 players, Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition Card Game is hilarious.

Each player has to wear a mouth retractor, while attempting to read what's on a card.

Their team mates then have to guess what they are saying.  Get it right and your team wins points.

This Throwdown edition also adds to the fun, getting you to partake in some of your favorite bar games, drawing, singing and taking part in relay race activities.

It’s a super fun game the whole family will enjoy.  The game comes with 143 phrases, and is suitable for children aged 8 and over.

Buy Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition Card Game


If you prefer strategic based games, you’ll love Catan.  Simple and straightforward to learn, this board game has become one of the most addictive family games on the market.

It’s even won the Game of the Century award!

Designed for 3-4 players, each game lasts around an hour and it offers excellent replay value.

The goal is to help your settlers tame the island of Catan.

Throughout the game you’ll reveal the regions and harbours of the island, acquire resources and develop your settlement.  This is done via trading with other players, lucky dice or cards.

What’s great about this board game is that no two games are ever the same.  So, each time you play you’ll experience something slightly different.

A full instruction booklet is included so you and the family will quickly learn how to play.

Buy Catan

Harry Potter Cluedo Mystery Board Game

If you love "whodunnit" games and Harry Potter, you’ll love this edition of the classic game Cluedo featuring Harry Potter and friends.

Your goal is to solve the mystery behind a student’s disappearance at the famous Hogwarts school.

Each player gets to play as one of the Harry Potter characters.  Along the way, you’ll need to figure out who did it, what item or spell they used, and where the missing student was attacked.

One of the most exciting aspects of this game is that as you move around the board, moving staircases and hidden passages are revealed.  You could also find yourself face to face with the Dark Mark.  

However, you can gain protection through allies, help cards and spells. Once you’ve figured out all the clues, head to Dumbledore's office to report it.

This is a game the entire family will enjoy playing.  It’s designed for children aged 9 and over and requires a minimum of 3 players.

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Mattel Games Blink – The World’s Fastest Game!

Sometimes as a family, you just want a game you can play quickly.  You don’t want to spend hours learning the ropes, you just want quick, fun game play.  That’s where this Mattel Games Blink card game comes in useful.

Also known as the world’s fastest game, players are required to match the colour, shape or number of the cards on either 1 or 2 different piles.  You’ll be competing head-to-head with another player and the goal is to eliminate all of the cards in your draw pile.

This is a game which tests your reflexes and response time and it is super-fun to play.

Buy Mattel Games Blink

Dragonwood A Game of Dice & Daring Board Game

If your family loves strategy-based games, they’ll love playing this Dragonwood A Game of Dice & Daring.  This game isn’t just super-fun, it also teaches your kids more about maths and probability.

The goal of the game is to capture numerous creatures.  On each go, the player can choose whether to draw a card or to attempt to capture a creature or to gain an enhancement.  Initially, it looks like there is a lot to learn about the game.  However, the instructions provided make it simply for even young children to understand.

Each time you play, you’ll start to learn which strategy works for you.  It’s surprisingly addictive and your kids are sure to love it.

Buy Dragonwood A Game of Dice and Daring

Forbidden Island Card Game

Forbidden Island Card Game has been popular for many years and it shows no signs of slowing down.  It actually won the Mensa Favorite Brainy Games award in 2010 and it features a playing time of approximately 30 minutes.

In order to play, it’s going to take strategic thinking, co-operation and problem solving.  You need to work as a team to capture sacred treasure on the forbidden island.  The island gradually sinks with each turn so the goal is to find the treasures together before going down with the island.

What’s great about this game is the fact that it’s complex enough for adults to enjoy, yet not too complex that kids can’t play.

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Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

If you’re looking for a game with a lot of replay value, Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride is the perfect choice.  It’s dubbed as one of the most popular speciality games on the market and it provides from 30-60 minutes game play per session.

The goal is to make your way around the board, collecting and playing matching cards in order to claim different railway routes.  It celebrates Phileas Fogg’s Around the World in 80 Days feat.  Each player has to try to travel by rail to as many different cities across North America as they can in 7 days.

It’s a beginner strategy based game which is sure to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Buy Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

Castle Panic

Looking for the perfect game for board-game beginners?  Castle Panic from Fireside Games is the perfect starter game for the entire family.  One of the few on our list that can also be played alone, it’s designed for players aged 10 and over.

The goal is to protect your castle against monsters.  You win by having one tower remaining and all monsters slayed.  If playing as a family, you’ll be working co-operatively, rather than against each other.  What’s truly unique about this game is the fact you can customize the rules for different game variations.

If you’re searching for a game that’s fun to play and isn't overly competitive, this is definitely a great choice.  Up to 6 players can play together, and it’s fab for encouraging co-operative play in children.  As each game lasts up to 2 hours, it provides plenty of entertainment.

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Forbidden Desert Board Game

The second forbidden board game to feature on the list, the Forbidden Desert variation is another co-operative game.  Players need to work together in order to recover a legendary flying machine which has been buried within the ruins of an ancient city in the desert.

As it is one of the later Forbidden games, it does incorporate new features.  One of the most unique is the fact that the board is ever changing.  It is a challenging, yet easy to grasp game.  You’ll find yourself dying frequently, and you need to come up with a strategy in order to beat the game.

It’s a fantastic family game for those seeking a non-competitive option. If you’ve played any of the other Forbidden games, you’re sure to love this one too.

Buy Forbidden Desert Board Game

Ravensburger Labyrinth Board Game for Kids and Adults

Finally, we have the Ravensburger Labyrinth board game for kids and adults.  Easy yet fun to play, the game is designed for 2-4 players, aged 8 and over.

It’s an action-packed game in which you need to find characters and objects in an ever-changing maze.  The winner is the player who manages to make it back to the starting square after collecting all of their characters and objects.

In order to win, you need to think ahead.  Labyrinth has an element of competitiveness, allowing you to potentially force other players to different locations on the board.  As the walls of the labyrinth move, traps are revealed for additional challenges.  It offers a ton of replay value and is a fab game to get lost in.

Buy Labyrinth Board Game

So, there you have it – 10 of the best family game night products you can buy right now.  Whether you're looking for something competitive, or a game where you can all work together, there’s one to fit your requirements.

The majority of the games are simple to learn, and additional game play instructions can be found in videos on sites such as YouTube.  Whatever your interests, budget and family age-range, there’s a game here that’s sure to impress.

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