25 Recipes For Your Next Disney Frozen Inspired Party

If you or your kids are a fan of Disney's Frozen® movies, you'll need this collection of 20 Frozen®-inspired recipes for your next watch party or Frozen®-themed event.

Step into the kingdom of Arendelle with these Frozen delights.

Sweet treats in beautiful shades of blue, lavender and sparkling pearl and glittering white make these recipes irresistible; the perfect spread for your Frozen party!

Enjoy these delicious treats that are all Elsa-approved.

You'll find Anna, Sven and Olaf inspired recipes that the kids can help make, too!

From cookies to cupcakes and from pretzels to marshmallows, you'll find all the recipes you need to help you plan your next Frozen®-inspired party.

You'll find our own Frozen-inspired recipes (pictured above) here:

And here are 20 more from around the web:

25 Recipes For Your Next Disney Frozen Inspired Party

White Chocolate Frozen Fudge

With just 5 simple ingredients you can make this blue and white Frozen®-inspired fudge.

White chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, food colouring and blue and white sugar decorative pearls are all you need for the mix.

After a session in the fridge, the fudge is ready to decorate and display. It's almost too pretty to eat!

Disney's Frozen Pretzel Wands

These pretzel wands look like they've been dipped in sparkling snow and have lightly caught lavender, blue and white snowflakes and pearls in their magical and frozen fairy land.

The kids will adore them!

Frozen Inspired Whoopie Pies

These adorable whoopie pies are ridiculously easy and require absolutely no artistic or kitchen skills whatsoever.

All you need are 3 easy to find ingredients.

Do some quick assembly and these Frozen® treats are ready to party!

There's really no excuse not to make these. Your kids will adore them and you'll score major points.

Olaf Cookies

These Olaf cookies look impressive and the instructions will guide you effortlessly through how to use cookie cutouts to achieve this look.

You'll also learn how to make the icing and what tools to use to draw Olaf's face. So cute!

Popcorn Snowballs

Melted butter and marshmallows help form these "snowballs" that are decorated with blue M&M's and snowflake sprinkles.

They're a sweet and crunchy treat that's perfect for a Frozen®-themed party or movie night.

Chocolate Cake Balls

Made from cake crumbles and frosting, these balls get refrigerated, dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with Frozen®-inspired sprinkles.

It's a little bite of heaven for your next Disney movie night!

Sven Marshmallow Pops

Sven fans will love these cute reindeer marshmallow pops full of yummy ingredients like chocolate, peanut butter and pretzels.

Learn how to assemble it all on a lollipop stick for the ultimate Frozen® character treat.

Frozen Elsa Inspired Cookies

Learn how to make a batch of these Elsa-approved snowflake cookies and decorate them with candy melts, an icing writer and various sugars and sprinkles.

You'll have fun creating these blue and white swirl sugar cookies.

Let the kids get in on the action, too.

They'll love seeing the finished cookies and adding the sprinkles and snowflakes to them!

Olaf’s Warm Hug Hot Vanilla Milk

Your kids will have fun sipping on this sweetened blue-coloured and vanilla-flavoured milk that you simmer on the stove for a few minutes until heated through.

Serve in a clear glass cup for the visual effect!

Top with whipped cream and blue sprinkles.

Learn the secret to making quick cake pops and then how to decorate them in beautiful Frozen®-inspired shades of blue and lavender.

Candy melts and white sprinkles finish off these cake pops that are sure to be a hit with Frozen® fans!

Disney's Frozen Snowflake Cupcake

No doubt you'll be channeling Elsa as you create these gorgeous Frozen®-inspired snowflake cupcakes. 

How about that vanilla cream cheese icing in that beautiful blue shade? Swoon!

Learn how to make the fondant snowflakes for the final magical touch on these awesome cupcakes.

This pretty peppermint flavoured rock candy resembles shards of ice.

It's easy to make and can be eaten as is or use smaller pieces to decorate cupcakes to give them a Frozen® theme.

Disney Frozen Jello "Ice" Cubes

What's more fun than blue jelly frozen "ice" cubes?

These are the perfect sweet treat for your next Frozen®-themed party or movie night.

They really do look like frozen ice cubes, don't they?

They're super easy to make, too!

These easy peanut butter snowflake sandwich cookies are dipped half way in white chocolate and then garnished with blue sprinkles.

This is a super quick treat that everyone will love.

Frozen Hot Hot Chocolate Spoons

These Frozen®-themed hot chocolate spoons look spectacular but are actually quite simple to make. 

The kids can even help with the easy decorations.

Olaf nutter butters take shape with a quick dip in melted white chocolate and some black licorice strings and M&M's.


Frozen Elsa Inspired Rice Krispie Treats

Turn these blue rice krispies into an Elsa-inspired treat with the additional detail of an Elsa braid made from fondant icing.

It's just a simple braid that you create and drape over the treats.

You can't watch a Frozen® movie without popcorn, so make sure and have this candy coated white chocolate popcorn on hand while viewing.

Add some blue and white candy snowflakes and sprinkles and watch it get gobbled up!

Disney's Frozen Snow Cap Punch

With just 3 ingredients plus some clear plastic cups you can make these fun snow cap punch treats that the kids will go crazy for.

You can even decorate the cups, too, with her easy instructions.


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