20 Nature Crafts Kids Will Love to Make While Camping

Are you gearing up for a family camping trip and looking for ways to keep the little ones entertained while surrounded by the great outdoors? Well, look no further!

I've curated a roundup of 20 nature crafts that'll spark creativity and keep your kiddos engaged during your camping escapades.

Read on for 20 nature crafts kids will love to make on your next camping trip or during your own DIY summer camp at home...

From pinecone bird feeders to leaf rubbings and rock painting, these nature crafts kids will love to make while camping are not only fun but also educational, allowing your children to connect with nature in meaningful ways.

Whether you're roasting marshmallows around the campfire or hiking through scenic trails, these activities are perfect for adding a dash of creativity to your outdoor adventures.

So grab your crafting supplies, gather round and let's dive into a world of imagination and exploration with these 20 nature crafts for kids to do while camping! 

Transform ordinary pine cones into adorable hedgehog friends with this simple DIY project.

Explore nature's artistry with homemade paint brushes crafted from natural materials.

Craft your own charming twig owl, a delightful nature-inspired project perfect for creative play.

Invite feathered friends to your campground with these delightful wooden skewer bird feeders, a fun and easy craft for all ages.

Create stunning nature collage boards using treasures from the outdoors, fostering creativity and exploration.

Flutter into fun with a butterfly nature craft that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors.

Explore the life cycle of butterflies with a hands-on activity and printable seed sheet.

Capture the textures of the season with leaf rubbing art, a simple yet captivating activity for kids.

Welcome feathered friends to your campsite with an apple bird feeder, combining craftiness with nature appreciation.

Dive into the wonders of nature with a tree-themed craft that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors.

Turn fallen leaves into expressive leaf faces, a whimsical project for embracing the playful side of nature.

Infuse your space with rustic charm with DIY twig art, a nature-inspired d├ęcor idea that's both simple and stylish.

Paint rocks with vibrant colors and patterns to create unique works of art inspired by nature's beauty.

Bring the outdoors indoors with nature art bugs, a delightful crafting adventure for imaginative minds.

Capture memories in a nature frame impressions craft, combining sensory exploration with creative expression.

Craft your own bush critters using natural materials, a fun project that brings the wilderness to your campsite.

Unleash your creativity with unicorn rock painting, a magical crafting idea that's perfect for all ages.

Combine flowers and animals in this charming nature craft, a whimsical project that celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

Gather around the campfire with a campfire nature craft that brings the warmth of the outdoors to your home.

Paint rainbow leaves for a burst of color and joy, a simple yet delightful craft that celebrates the beauty of nature.

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