How to Make a Skewer Bird Feeder for the Birds in Your Garden to Help Kids Learn

When it comes to a fun and simple project for the kids to do at home, you're going to love this easy to make Skewer Bird Feeder.

Not only is it something that they can easily do on their own, but it's also a great way to offer the birds in your area a nice and healthy treat!

While this activity might be geared towards the colder months of the year when birds need more help, it's now recommended to feed birds all year round if possible.

Skewer Bird Feeder

You can easily make up this fun bird feeder with just a few minutes of time.

And since you only need 5 simple supplies to get started, there's really no reason to wait any longer to make it happen.

Once you hang it up for the birds, that's when the excitement really starts! 

It'll be so much fun for the children to see what birds come from where to get in on some of that tasty treat!

How to Create Learning Opportunities

The best part of this simple bird feeder activity is that it can easily be combined with so many other learning opportunities at home.

Have the kids make an estimate of how long they think the food is going to last before it's all eaten and then count up the birds as they start to arrive.

This is a great hands-on activity that will make your kids curious and wanting to learn more about the life of birds.

Watching the birds fly in to investigate and feed from the skewer is really entertaining to watch.

Grab some binoculars and head out to the garden for an afternoon of bird watching.

Take the opportunity to talk about the birds you can see, their plumage, the food they eat and their habits.

This simple bird craft for kids is going to one that they want to do over and over again!

Children can be supervised to make the bird feeder themselves, just be careful with the sharp pointy ends of the skewers with younger kids.

How to Make a Skewer Bird Feeder


Peanut butter


1. Cut the apple up into small cubes.

2. Coat apple cubes in peanut butter.

3. Roll in bird seed.

4. Push the skewer through each coated apple cube leaving about an inch of the skewer clear on both sides.

5. Cut the jute cord to the desired hanging length and tie at each end of the skewer.

6. Add one more piece of coated apple to each end of the skewer to hold the cord in place.

7. Hang outside and watch the birds enjoy your creation!

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