20 Super Fun Activities for Tweens and Teens to Do at Home

When older kids are stuck at home, unable to go out with friends or to go about their usual routine, they're going to get grumpy.

With summer camps and many sports cancelled this summer and lots of at home time stretching ahead, busy parents everywhere are looking for fun activities to keep their tweens and teens busy.

Check out this collection of 20 fun activities perfect for older kids who are stuck at home.

Being stuck within four walls with your tween or teen may seem like heaven or hell, and even change from one to the other by the minute.

School closure and a quiet summer may be the perfect opportunity to reconnect, but spending weeks together in a small space could also be extremely challenging.

But try to cut each other some slack, plan activities to do apart and together and see just how much fun you can actually have.

You may just be pleasantly surprised!

Here are 20 activities, crafts and more to keep teens busy in the weeks to come:

1. Make jewellery

Find your inner superhero with this fun DIY paper bead necklace!

Inspired by Marvel's Captain Marvel, the craft uses upcycled comic book pages and beads for a unique piece of jewellery.

2. Play board games or do a puzzle

Board games and jigsaw puzzles aren't just for the younger kids, so dust off those boxes.

Challenge them to complete a mammoth puzzle with you, or play those classic games like Taboo! and Pictionary.

Or why not teach them (and yourself maybe!) to play chess.

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3. Take a digital escape

This digital escape room provides educational fun for any Harry Potter fan

From math with wizard currency to reading and problem solving with spells, kids won't even realize this is educational learning.

See the Harry Potter digital escape room here.

4. Make the best ever popcorn

Use this amazing chocolate toffee popcorn recipe to make some awesome popcorn, then schedule a movie marathon.

Introduce them to the classics from your youth, they'll love it!

5. Tie dye with turmeric

Whether you are responding to the summer anthem of “mom, I’m bored,” planning matching t-shirts for an event, or just want to have a fun DIY project for yourself or a gift for someone you love, tie-dying is always the answer!

If you ever wondered if you could tie-dye using more all-natural methods, you stumbled on the right place to learn how.

Turmeric creates a brilliant yellow.

Let’s have some fun!

Grab this free printable for more tie dye ideas:

6. Visit a theme park for free

Fun ways to “virtually” visit your favorite theme parks without the hefty price tag.

Watch these virtual rides to bring the magic into your home for FREE.

Check out the best here.

7. Upcycle something

The more we encourage the younger generation to move away from a disposable lifestyle the better, so get them into upcycling.

Start with this fun craft.

Before you give away those old tshirts or turn them into rags, consider making a no sew tshirt bag instead!

Or you could follow this guide to make a skirt from an old pair of jeans.

8. Get moving

Go for a daily walk, take a bike ride together, or do some exercise videos or yoga at home.

Spending time together working out has lots of benefits and is great fun too.

Be inventive too, why not set up an obstacle course in the garden, or put some music on and have a dance party or competition?

Further reading:

9. Keep a journal

We are living through historic times so print out a copy of this free lockdown time capsule for them to fill in.

They could even combine the two!

Recording what they are doing each day, how they are  feeling and what's going on around them will be something amazing for your teen to look back on in years to come.


10. Keep in touch

It's hard for older kids to be away from their friends, so find ways for them to stay connected beyond the usual video chat.

There are plenty of ways they can be social while social distancing, even some sports they can play!

Help children to stay connected to family too with these fun ways to stay connected with family during lockdown.

And here are some gorgeous things they could send to grandparents during isolation.

11. Make a galaxy jar

This DIY Galaxy Jar is a gorgeous craft for kids, teens or even adults who love color and glitter! 

Simply layer cotton balls, acrylic paint, water and glitter shapes to create your own galaxy in a jar!

12. Teach them life skills

What better time to learn how to work a washing machine, iron, clean, bake and cook?

They'll be off to university or out into the big wide world soon enough, so take some time now to teach them the skills they'll need.

See: How to Bake: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

13. Baby Yoda

Are they totally obsessed with the Baby Yoda cuteness?

Make this adorable Baby Yoda snack dish then set to work on this cute Baby Yoda plush.

"Gather your sewing skills and make this plush, you must."

This is an easy sewing craft for beginners, so teach them some essential sewing skills the fun way.

14. Join them in their world

Find out what interests them and join in.

Play Minecraft, build models, make a dance video together for TikTok, play video games.

Whatever they love, they'll be delighted that you want to know more about it and to get involved.

15. Make a stress ball

This Water Bead Stress Ball is easy to make.

A transparent balloon filled with colorful water beads that makes for a soothing and fun kids toy or stress reliever!

16. Art and crafts

What better time to get out all your paint, card, paper and craft supplies and let your kids get creative.  

Even the older teens will enjoy making fun creations, and if their imagination needs a boost check out our crafts section for ideas.

17. Tidy long hair

Tidy long hair up with one of these fun scrunchies that you can make in 3 different ways.

Sew, no-sew or make one with a rubber band.

While you're at it, why not have a fun at home spa day or give your teen a mini make-over.

18. Collect memories

Do you have pictures that you have meant to print off your phone or camera, or maybe you printed them but they are still sitting in the envelope that they came in?

And a pile of leaflets and ticket stubs to remind you of special days out and holidays?

Make a family scrapbook together or memory box together.

Sit down together and talk about your memories, then add some notes to the pictures so that you can always remember what was special about that day or outing.

See: How to Save Your Family's Special Memories

19. Up their painting skills

Beat boredom with a creative craft like painting! This lavender painting is suitable for absolute beginners and perfect for arty teens.

See learn how to paint lavender.

20. Family sports day(s)

Got a garage or shed full of bats, balls, racquets and outdoor toys?

You don't need to get rid of them just because the kids are bigger now.

Get them out and come up with some fun new activities, like circuits, or assault and obstacle courses.  

Even a water pistol fight!

Anything that gets you moving will reduce stress and anxiety and boost those happy hormones.

Why not play rounders, baseball, croquet, cricket or football together, and help kids practice their skills and acquire new ones.

Plus it'll be tons of fun, and probably something they'll want to become a regular event when lockdown is over.

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