How to Make a Journal for Teens and Tweens {FREE Printables}

Got older kids at home who are getting bored and fed up?  Snag this fun journaling kit for them so they can turn a notebook into a fun journal all about them, their interests and their friends.  This free set of printable pages includes 13 pages of prompts, fun stickers, cut outs and cute pictures.

Most older children love to keep a journal or diary of some kind, somewhere to record their day to day, but also their thoughts, feelings and ideas.  With these fun journal prompts and cute illustration they can create a beautiful journal to treasure for years to come.

There are so many page in this set, with lots of space for children to express themselves.  And plenty of room for writing, drawing and colouring.

Supplies needed

13 page printable journal pack
Printer + paper
Suitable notebook
Glue stick
Fun pens and crayons

How do I use it?

Here's everything that's included in the pack and how to put it together:

What's in the Journal pack?

There are 13 pages in total, including a front cover, about me page, favourite colours, favourite foods and many more.

Just cut out the front cover and attach to  the front of a blank notebook, we used a plain notebook like this one then turned it into a journal over a week or two by adding more each day.  Now my daughter can add new pages and ideas as she has them, or keep using the printable pages to add more.

The other pages included are favorite colours and favorite foods.  there are lots of options included so kids can choose their favorites, or make their own.

There are also trackers and list pages, so kids can record the movies and TV shows they love, the books they've read and their best friends' names and birthdays.  Everything their teen heart desires!

Finish off the diary with how the weather was today, and how they felt or their mood of the day, and those pages will start filling fast!  They can even make their own mini to do list for the day, just like mum!

Here's how some finished pages might look:

Best of all, you can print out the pages again and again once downloaded, so they have an endless supply.

How can I get a copy?

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