16 Super Fun and Easy Boat Crafts for Kids to Make

Ahoy, mateys! Do your children love boats?

We've rounded up some of the cutest ever fun and easy boat crafts for kids.

These 16 projects are all fun, easy to make, and are sure to delight your little sailor in training.

Whether you want a craft that's simple, like making paper boats, or something more elaborate like a cork sailboat in a jar, there's something here for everyone.

In this post, we'll explore the different types of crafts, from easy ones your children can do themselves to more advanced projects where they might need help from a parent or teacher depending on their age. 

We hope you enjoy these boat craft ideas as much as we did!

16 Fun and Easy Boat Craft Ideas

Use potatoes to paint the sailboat shapes with this fun and easy to do boat craft for kids.

The kids will love learning how to make a sailboat out of paper with this paper sailboat craft from Simple Mom Project.

Help your child learn more about the letter S as they make this S is for Sailboat craft.

It’s the perfect craft that combines learning and creativity.

Pool Noodle Boats

Pool noodles are used to make these fun boats. The kids will love the creativity behind it.

Use up some of the leftover paper scraps you have as the kids make this fun sailboat craft.

The kids will have a blast using paper plates to create a sail boat.

The kids can then colour and decorate the boat if they want.

Recycle that collection of junk you have by having the kids make these easy and creative boats, all from recycling materials.

A simple and fun paper boat craft the kids can put together this summer!

This fun boat craft uses plastic straws to make the sailboats and will have kids using their hands to create a fun summer craft.

This fun boat craft uses paper to make a rocking paper boat the kids will love making and playing with.

Using wine corks, the kids will have fun making the sailboats and watching them float inside the jars.

An easy and colorful craft that the kids can put together.

Once finished, they can also play in the water with the floating boats.

For those who love pirates, this rocking paper plate pirate boat will be a fun craft to create this summer.

Grab some twigs on your next walk-through nature, or the park, so that you can make this creative twig boat.

Use any kind of leftover paper you have around the house and have the kids make a fun recycled boat art project.

Head to the beach to find some small pieces of driftwood so that your young learner can make these cool driftwood sail boats.

More fun summer crafts for kids:

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