20 Super Fun Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

If you’re looking to put more colour into craft time, you are going to LOVE these rainbow crafts for kids! Toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids too are sure to find a fun craft or two to enjoy from this list of super fun rainbow crafts and activities for kids.

Exploring colours with kids can be a world of fun. Watch them light up when they learn how we see colour, what mixing colours can do, and just see the beautiful colours on the page!

I’ve created a list of fun crafts you can do from home in a variety of ways - paper crafts, painting, and even making your own boat! You are sure to find a rainbow craft or two your kids will enjoy.

Scroll down below to check out all the fun rainbow crafts for kids to create!

The BEST Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Rainbow
How bright and beautiful is this paper plate rainbow?! Toddlers and preschoolers are sure to love helping make this rainbow.

Paper Strip Rainbow Craft
These paper strips are equally fun and easy. It makes for great fine motor practice too!

Bubble Wrap Rainbow Activity
What’s better than bubble wrap?! Why using it to paint a colourful rainbow of course!

Edible Rainbow Activity
Rainbow cereal anyone? Little hands will love to help arrange this rainbow right before they gobble it all up!

Coffee Filter Rainbow Craft
This double as such a fun science project. Watch the faces of fascination as the colours blend together!

Mosaic Paper
Mosaic crafts are so cool and this one is no exception. This could easily double as an intro to art history too!

Rainbow Cereal Craft
Another cereal activity that is sure to be lots of fun! Kids can make a necklace and eat it afterwards.

Paper Plate Button Rainbow
If you have lots of buttons lying around, this would make a great recycle craft. Of course, you can always buy a big bag of buttons and have fun instead!

Yarn Wrapped Clouds and Rainbow
For smaller hands, this makes for so much fun. Get fine motor practice in as well as having fun with paint!

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow
How fun is this rainbow?! Have fun bending pipe cleaners and chain them together with this rainbow craft!

Pom-Pom Painted Rainbow
Get some color matching practice and fine motor skills at work with this one! Kids will love dipping cotton balls in some paint to create pretty rainbows!

Rainbow Puzzle Craft
For kids who love puzzles, this is a great craft. Paint on a rainbow across some craft sticks and you have a puzzle activity for later!

Rainbow Salt Painting
If you’ve never tried salt painting, it’s a must try! Watercolours paired with science makes for an afternoon of fun.

Rainbow Suncatcher
How cute is this suncatcher?! Not only is it a fun craft, you can hang it in your window as a beautiful decoration.

Handprint Rainbow Craft
Get your hands messy with this one! Handprint crafts make for great keepsake projects, too.

Rainbow Necklace Craft
So simple, yet so fun. Help kids bead together a bright and beautiful necklace with pony beads you have lying around!

Rainbow Threading Craft
This threading activity is GREAT for fine motor practice. Plus you end up with such a pretty rainbow made from ribbon and pasta!

Rainbow Windsock
Put all those toilet paper rolls to good use with this rainbow craft! Hang it outside and watch it blow in the wind when you’re done.

Rainbow Unicorn Craft
Rainbows. Unicorns. Need I say more?! SO cute!

Rainbow Boat Craft
While this isn’t an actual rainbow, it makes for a really fun craft! Kids will love to see their rainbow boat float across the water.

Which rainbow craft is your favourite?

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