20 Super Cute Ladybird Crafts For Kids

These creative ladybird crafts for kids will keep them busy creating their favorite red and black spotted creature. Ladybirds are one of the few insects kids universally love, perhaps because they're cute and adorable and oh, so small. From preschool crafts to older kids projects, check out these 20 ladybird crafts to help keep kids busy and creative.

These 20 ladybird crafts range from using construction paper, rocks and golf balls to using recycled household items as well as fingerprints and hand stamps. You can even go beyond the traditional red and black theme to create multi-colored ladybirds that brighten up any decor with their adorable dotted wings.

Swirling Twirling Ladybirds

These sweet ladybirds hang and twirl, giving a moving visual for kids to enjoy. Get started with card stock, scissors, black craft paint, glue, hot glue gun and a few other items. Use various colors of card stock if you want something other than the usual red and black. Would be perfect to make as party decorations, too!

Paper Ladybird Crafts

Red card stock paper gets adorable ladybird black spots from kids fingerprints. Mount the ladybirds on "leaves" of green card stock, create a face with googly eyes attached and form wings with spotted red card stock. Attach all with glue and admire these cute bugs!

Ladybird Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks go buggy with these sweet ladybirds. The included template helps you create double winged ladybirds and helps you fold the bookmarks for the best corner fit. All you need are various colors of craft paper, a pencil, scissors and a black Sharpie. So creative!

Recycled Badge Bugs Craft

Repurpose old badges by tearing out the original covers and painting ladybirds on them. Use paint pens or acrylic paint and a paintbrush. You'll need red, black and white paint. An easy and fun creative project!

Golf Ball Ladybird Craft

Golf balls can enjoy a new life as a ladybird! Because golf balls already have small round indents on them, they work really well for the black spots you'll paint on. Just spray paint the balls red and use a black paint pen or permanent marker. For the final touch, glue on some googly eyes.

Ladybird Windsock Craft

This windsock all hinges on the recycled toilet paper roll that you'll paint green. Thread yarn through two hold punches that you'll make. Make a simple card stock ladybird and attach to the toilet paper roll. Glut long strips of green tissue paper to the bottom of the roll and you're ready to hang this awesome craft!

Ladybird Magnets Craft

Ladybirds can come in various colours with these refrigerator magnets that kids will enjoy making. Acrylic paint works best for this project. First, paint the black dots on the flat side of each glass gem and let dry. Next, choose your paint color and paint over the flat side completely and let dry. Finally, attach a craft magnet onto the bottom of each colored glass gem. Adorable!

Egg Carton Ladybird Craft

Cut apart the individual wells of the egg carton and paint red with tempera paint. Paint the face along with googly eyes. Cut the wings from red construction paper, color on black dots with a crayon or marker. Attach the wings on the well and display this cute little creature!

Ladybird Suncatchers

These beautiful sun catchers are actually simple to put together and kids will love to see them displayed on their windows. You'll need sticky back contact paper, black card stock for the outline and dots, red and green tissue paper and googly eyes. So pretty!

Apple Stamp Ladybird Craft

Use the template included for precise cutting and measurements. Half of an apple will be used as a stamp to make the ladybird body with red paint. Use a black marker to paint the dots. Green card stock provides the leaf. A pretty and fun project that the kids will enjoy!

Coffee Filter Ladybird Craft

Coffee filters make excellent ladybirds because the body is already made for you! Just color the surface with a red marker and use a spray bottle to wet the painted surface. Once dry, use a black permanent marker to draw the spots, head and lines. Add googly eyes for the final touch.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybird Craft

Using a glue stick, cover the roll with black construction paper. Red construction paper that you cut in a circle will become the ladybird wings. Attach the wings to the roll. Wiggly eyes stickers get attached for the eyes. Lastly, glue antennae cut from black construction paper. So cute!

Grouchy Ladybirds

Perfect for younger kids, go ahead and have these craft paper sections of the ladybird cut out and ready to help the littles assemble this cute bug. Use glue as well as a stapler to help hold some sections together. Precious!

Bug Buddies Pouch Cap Finger Puppets

If you have a collection of food pouch caps, grab some black pipe cleaners and a Sharpie marker to transform them into ladybird finger puppets. This craft is so easy that you can get really creative with your bug puppets. Kids will love them!

Plastic Lid Ladybirds

Another lid craft can be made from juice and milk jug lids. Just keep saving the assortment of color lids so that you don't have to paint them - just add dots and faces using acrylic paint. Add some wiggly eyes and you're done. Super easy!

Recycled CD Ladybird Craft

If you have an old collection of CDs or DVDs, they'll be perfect for a ladybird craft. Paint them black with acrylic paint, use red construction paper to trace kids hands for the ladybird wings and attach with glue. Make antennae with black construction paper and glue on. Awesome!

Ladybird Handprint Art

Another handprint craft makes a great body for the ladybird with the fingers close together rather than splayed apart. You can get creative with painting the background of the paper before using the hand stamp, and then continuing painting the spots, head, face and anything else. Very creative!

Ladybird Spoon Puppets

Wooden spoons and red cupcake liners create these sweet ladybird puppets. Attached it all with double-sided tape. You'll also need some mini black pipe cleaners and some self-adhesive wiggle eyes for the finishing touch. Great use of of these materials for an art project!

Simple DIY Ladybird Rock Art

Painting these smooth rocks to resemble ladybirds would be a wonderful addition to your outside garden as well as a fun art project. You'll need smooth clean rocks, paint pens in red, black and white, a pencil and Mod Podge for a nice finishing touch. A great project for attention to detail.

Paper Plate Ladybird

Toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated with bugs and this paper plate art will help them make their very own ladybird to play with. Paper plates, red and black paint, black yarn and googly eyes, along with glue and tape help make these creatures come alive.

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