Cute Easy Cupcake Case Flower Picture for Kids to Make

This cute flower picture is perfect for kids to make using just mini cupcake liners and buttons.  Ideal for making a gorgeous Mother's Day picture or card, to celebrate spring, or just to give to someone you love at any time of year, this cute craft activity is easy for kids to make with minimal supervision, although younger ones and toddlers will need more supervision and support.

Our girls love to make this easy cupcake liner flower craft and have made them for friends and neighbours this spring.  This baking cup button flower craft is also perfect if you are looking for a last minute Mother's Day flower craft the kids can make for mum.

Choose pastel coloured or floral pattern mini cupcake liner and add a similar or contrasting colour button to the centre of each to make a pretty flower.  Repeat to make a bunch of flowers, then draw in stems and add a cute satin ribbon bow to the bunch of flowers.

You can use any coloured card, although we have used yellow here as it is such a bright spring colour to match this spring flower craft.  You could even apply the craft to a canvas to put on the wall.  It would look beautiful in baby's nursery or in a playroom.

Muffin Cup Flower Picture


Yellow card stock
Mini cake liner cups (variety of colours)
Elmer’s clear glue
Small buttons (variety of colours)
Green marker pen

1. Arrange your baking cups where desired on the cardboard or canvas print.  Leave room to make stems.

2. Pour a dot of glue on the back of each baking cup and glue them securely in place.

3. Pour a dot of glue on the center inside each baking cup.

4. Place a button down inside each baking cup and gently press down into the glue. Repeat this step for all flowers.

5. Use the green marker to draw stems coming from each flower so that they are bunched up in the middle.

6. Tie a short piece of ribbon into a bow and add it to the bouquet. Place a dot of glue on the ribbon where tied and place securely where the stems come together.

 7. Set the picture or canvas print aside to dry.  Then give to a loved one or put on display!

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