15 Adorable Bird Crafts Kids Will Love to Make

Do your kids love birds? Then they will adore these easy to make bird crafts perfect for kids of all ages.

Using feathers, paints, paper, and all kinds of other craft supplies, these cool bird projects range from puppets and toys to works of art.

Older kids will find any of these projects to be well within their abilities.

Younger kids may need some help with a few of these crafts.

But each is designed to help kids create their own new special bird friend. 

Making bird crafts gives kids a great chance to actually study birds close up.

To encourage birds into your garden, kids may like to make one of our easy bird feeder projects so they can study them close up.

There is something fascinating about birds, making them one of the most magical animals in the life of a young child.

Pretty and colourful, birds hop around from place to place when on the ground, but with no warning, they can suddenly spring up to a nearby tree branch.

Even cooler - they can FLY!

Kid-Friendly Bird Crafts

With so many cool projects, picking a single one to work on could be tricky.

But the more birds you make, the more you can fill your child's room with special bird friends - perfect if you are studying a bird theme in your homeschool.

Best of all, these birdies don't squawk or have to live in horrid cages!

I can't imagine looking at a paper cup and seeing a parrot, but these little parrots are so adorable, I'll never look at a paper cup the same way again!

All it takes to make your cute little bird friend is some crafting paper, feathers, and some googly eyes and you have a fun parrot full of personality and ready to play!

With just a few pretty patterned cupcake wrappers, your kids can make these delightful birds.

Part craft, part work of art, these sweet little birds are easy to make.

When finished, they appear to be happily flying around on their paper background.

You'll want to hang this one in a special place!

Fans of Angry Birds will love this paper plate Angry Bird craft.

You'll find great directions for making six iconic Angry Birds and kids will be amazed at how easy it is to make crafts that they are proud to display!

This fun marionette puppet is an easy DIY project for kids.

Using beads, pom poms, craft sticks, and a few other basic craft supplies, kids can make their very own tall and lanky marionette bird.

His long legs and neck make his movements silly and fun, especially as kids develop their puppet skills!

This little chalk art bird nest is a great project for the younger kids.

You can help them make an adorable little bird and then let them create the nest themselves by swirling colored chalk around on black craft paper.

Their colourful nest makes a comfy home for their little paper birds, giving kids a lovely opportunity for imaginative play!

These little birds are made from craft paper and look like little robins rocking back and forth on big chubby bellies.

Fat and friendly birds are the best, especially when kids can look at them proudly and say, "I made that!"

When you see how cute these paper plate peacocks are, you and your kids will be wanting to make your own as soon as possible.

Utilizing skills from cutting to gluing to yarn wrapping, there are all kinds of ways that kids can help with their paper plate peacock craft to make it their very own!

These craft stick birds are super simple to make and so fun to play with that kids will be imagining all kinds of ways to play with their bird friends.

All you need is a little paint, tissue paper, and googly eyes to make your little bird friends come to life. 

Let the fun begin!

Made with basic craft supplies and styrofoam balls, these fat little birds are easy to make and easy to adore.

They are so cute, for one, and when you sit them in their little paper bag nest, they look right at home. 

This is a great project for preschoolers, but make sure a parent is around to help, too!

Another way of making some peacocks, these colourful birds are made from painted coffee filters.

They are "painted" with magic markers which is then misted with water, giving the coffee filters the look of a watercolour painting!

If you have any extra plastic eggs left over from Easter, why not turn them into birds?

All you need is some feathers, paper, googly eyes, and a little glue to make some adorable bird friends. 

Kids can make their birds as toys for imaginative play or even give them as candy-filled gifts for others!

This colourful Bird Craft is made mostly from colored cardstock.

It is amazingly easy to make and when finished, your pretty bird is ready to play.

The wings and tail seem built for flying, even if your birdy flies even better with your child's hands propelling him along.

These printable clothes pin puppet birds look so real when they "talk", kids will be anxious to come up with their own great puppet shows.

Simply print, colour, and attach your puppets to your clothespin in the right way to bring them to life. 

This colourful paper plate bird craft is so bright and pretty.

The feathers are made from torn crepe paper, giving your birds a real tropical feel, along with the long flowing tail.

These birds are pretty enough to hang on the wall, but are so friendly, they invite kids to play!

This friendly little bird craft is just starting to peak out of his shell.

Made with some simple craft items and paper, the secret to this birdy is the craft stick at his back, allowing kids to raise and lower him in and out of his egg.

What a great toy for celebrating springtime, even in the middle of winter.

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