10 Super Fun Activities to Help Kids Learn About Bees

Bees are one of our favourite sights and sounds of spring.  Hearing their returning buzz as they slowly emerge from hibernation as the world warms up is such a joy.  Our girls are fascinated by bees and do everything they can to encourage and help their survival, from planting the right flowers to providing a refuelling station outside.  If your little ones love bees too, try some of these fun bee themed crafts and activities this spring and summer.

Seeing the jolly yellow and orange stripes of bees flitting from flower to flower and hearing them buzz past our ears is always a thrill, whatever your age.  So embrace all that's special and fascinating about bees with these fun activities that can be done outdoors and inside.

10 Bee Themed Crafts and Activities for Kids

Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

With all pollinating species being in decline, we all need to do our bit to help them recover.  Plant lots of nectar and pollen rich flowers to keep your garden blooming over a long season (April to October) to help the bees as much as possible.  This post includes a list of plants to grow.

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Paper Plate Bee

For little ones, this paper plate bee craft is a simple craft to make. It’s great for preschool and kindergarten children.

Bee Watering Station

All that flying, buzzing and collecting is hard work!  This honeybee watering station is a simple garden DIY project to attract bees to your garden. Simple to make from an old flower pot saucer and small stones or gems.

Bee Activity Pack

This pack of cute bee-themed activities is perfect for younger kids.  Practice early writing skills and have fun colouring in with this cute free busy bee activity pack.

Visit a Lavender Field

See bees in action by visiting your local lavender fields when they open in the summer.  You'll see lots of different varieties of bees (8 is our record so far) and it's the perfect opportunity to watch their clever activity and talk about how and why they make honey for the hive.

You could visit:
Lordington Lavender, West Sussex
Hitchin Lavender, Hertfordshire
Cottage Chamomile, West Sussex

Honey Bee Life Cycle Worksheets

Learn all about bees and their life cycle with these worksheets which explain the four stages of the bees' life, their different roles and their behaviour.

Make a Mini Bug Hotel

We all know how important it is to give wildlife a home, but instead of, or as well as, a huge insect hotel in your garden, make this cute mini house to hang from a tree.  This DIY mason bee house is a great way to attract more pollinators to your patch and provide them with a safe place to feed and reproduce.

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Bee Card Craft

These paper bee cards are a simple spring craft to give to friends and family. Brighten someone’s day with this easy bee card craft. Use it for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any special occasion!

Nature Walk

Head out a nature walk to explore the natural world around you, and see how many bees you can spot, or where they might live.  Watch them working.  Or you could simply go on a nature scavenger hunt in your own backyard.

Bee Snacks!

Kids will love turning healthy peanut butter balls into adorable chocolate drizzled bumble bees almost as much as they’ll love eating them!

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More fun craft ideas:

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