Fun Butterfly Crafts for Kids to Make

Butterfly crafts are always fun. They are great for a summer activity for kids at home and with beautiful butterflies you can get as creative as you want. Since butterflies are so colourful, these crafts use a lot of different bright colours and creative ways to make a butterfly's wings.

Butterfly crafts can be incorporated into just about everything. They make great nature activities, art projects, or can be done just for fun.

If you are looking for some fun and creative butterfly crafts, these activities are something the kids will love to work on. Many of them are also easy so kids of younger ages can work on them, but there are a few crafts ideal for older children as well.

Butterfly Handprint Craft
A fun and easy project for kids, this butterfly craft uses handprints to make the wings and googly eyes to make the butterflies fun and friendly.

Clothespin Butterfly Craft
A simple butterfly craft that is perfect for young children to put together.

Painting Butterflies
This is a great tutorial for those who are wanting to learn how to paint butterflies. The tutorial shows a few different ways to do so, including acrylic pouring.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft
Another easy craft for kids, these butterflies are made out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners. The butterflies are also painted with watercolours for fun designs.

Butterfly Family Tree
A cute way to get the kids interested in a little bit of family history, this craft uses cute butterflies to make a family tree.

Stained Glass Butterfly Craft
A stunning faux stained-glass craft that uses fun watercolours, card, and glue to create these beautiful butterflies.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly
Using toilet paper rolls, kids will love creating these fun and cute butterflies in bright or pastel colours.

Leaf Butterfly Craft
An easy to make craft that uses leaves and sticks. Kids will love decorating them to look like fun and colourful butterflies out of leaves and twigs.

Watercolour Painting
Kids will love making these fun paintings. The craft uses watercolours to create beautiful and crafty butterflies.

Glitter Butterfly Painted Rock
Painted rocks are so much fun for kids to do. They can get creative and paint their butterflies with their favorite colours.

Coffee Filter Butterflies
A super inexpensive and fun craft for kids, these coffee filter butterflies are a great indoor craft activity that kids will love doing at home.

Origami Butterfly
An easy way to make an origami butterfly, this tutorial is a great craft for children who are a little older.

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