20 Fierce & Adorable Shark Crafts Kids Will Love to Make & Play With

Following the popularity of our ocean crafts round up last week, we have some wonderful shark crafts for you this time!

Whether you and your kids are planning a shark theme birthday party, celebrating Shark Week or simply learning about sharks in school or at home, these adorable Shark Crafts are a lot of fun.

When kids learn about the ocean, sharks are certainly one of the creatures that captures their imagination.

Sleek, beautiful and sometimes a little scary, sharks are fascinating enough that we dedicate a whole week each summer to learning all about them.

In this article, I have pulled together a number of creative projects for you and your children to make together.

Many of these crafts can easily be made with household items or things that you might normally throw in the recycling, like toilet paper rolls.

Some of these crafts are better for older kids and others are just perfect for the younger crowd.

But all of them are fun, crafty, and destined to become a cool shark project that your kids will be thrilled to make.

Best of all, no matter how fierce these sharks may look, absolutely none of them will bite! I promise!

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You might want to add some of our favourite shark books to your shark project:

20 Fierce & Adorable Shark Crafts Kids Will Love to Make & Play With

Whether you make them for a party or simply for a cool beverage container for poolside fun, this adorable shark is a fun and handy craft for kids.

And the fact that the shark is filled with delicious juice is just a bonus!

Whether your kids make him with felt or contruction paper or something else, this sweet little shark is all charm.

He looks straight at you with big googly eyes and promises his unending friendship with just a smile.

This Newspaper shark craft is so much fun.

It's simple enough for even smaller children to create, and kids of all ages will get a kick out of the big googly eyes and scary teeth.

But luckily, this shark doesn't bite!

Not only is this paper plate shark an adorable kid craft, but it is also a fun puppet toy.

Kids will love making their new shark friend and they will love playing with it even more.

Be careful - these shark puppets do bite, but they don't bite hard.

As if a kids' craft to make a pair of binoculars wasn't already cute enough!

It just gets even better when the binoculars are a pair of sharks.

Made from recycled toilet paper rolls, this wonderful craft is also environmentally friendly!

I see no sharks...

This shark puppet craft is super cute to make, and much more fun to play with.

Kids will love this big-mouthed puppet, and the way it simply invites you to "nom nom nom" all your family and friends!

The smile on this adorable shark is so insincere, it's enchanting.

Super simple to make, your insincere shark becomes a work of art your kids will be proud to hang on their favourite wall.

Very like a certain Baby Shark perhaps...

Kids love to make, and play with, slime.

This shark slime is super easy to make and when you play with it, the sparkly blue slime looks so much like ocean waves that it begs for plastic sharks to swim around in it.

This is one of those toys that kids can play with for hours!

Although no one would recommend letting young kids head out to "catch a big one" on a surfboard, even the youngest toddler can have fun "carpet surfing" on this shark surfboard that they create themselves.

All you need is an old cereal box, and a few other crafty things, and your friendly shark surfboard comes to life!

When you see the friendly shark your kids can make from a couple of cupcake liner papers, you'll be ready to set them up at the craft table to get to work.

Making these cute sharks is a great way to celebrate shark week, and they are also a fun activity for kids at a shark-themed birthday party!

If you enjoy kids' craft projects that make use of discardable items, these shark teeth should definitely be on your list.

Kids will love these sharp teeth, creating lots of giggles every time they fit the teeth to one of their toys - or themselves.

One way to encourage reading is by creating silly and sweet bookmarks for kids to use.

This friendly origami shark is a handy bookmark and a great craft project for kids, too.

They might have so much fun, they'll want to make one for every kid in their class!

This friendly hammerhead shark comes to you in a template.

Paint a background with watercolours then print the template and place against the lovely swirling sea background.

It makes a work of art that every child can be proud of - and every parent, too!

String art is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

This paper plate shark is an easy project that makes the most of string art to build your friendly shark's face.

Attach a pair of googly eyes and a toothy smile to complete your adorable shark!

When you see how cute these paper bag shark crafts turn out, you'll want to get your kids busy making a few of them.

Not only is this a fun craft project, but the completed sharks are great puppets just waiting to put on a shark adventure show just for your family!

A baby shark might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see a blue plastic cup!

But once you see how adorable these crafty little sharks turn out, you'll never want to use plastic cups any other way.

With googly eyes and sweet toothy smiles, these baby sharks are ready to play!

All you need is some paper, paint, and three popsicle sticks to get your kids started on making their very own popsicle stick shark craft.

Swimming along with his mouth wide open, teeth exposed, your shark craft is clearly ready for a big meal!

The cootie catcher is one of those origami projects that nearly every child and adult knows about, a.k.a. 'fortune tellers'.

But this cootie catcher is super cute when painted up as a friendly shark instead.

He may still tell your fortune, though, if you ask really nicely.

This suncatcher shark craft is perfect for younger kids.

The nice black shark silouettes swim against a background of blue tissue paper squares.

This preschool craft helps with creativity and dexterity, and the finished work of art is something that will make every child proud!

This shark clothespin magnet is a fun craft for children of all ages.

Paper fins, teeth, and googly eyes transform regular clothespins into fun little creatures that hang out on the refrigerator.

They can hold pictures, cards, and all kinds of other things in their sharp teeth!

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