20 Sweet and Clever Ocean Theme Crafts Kids Will Love to Make

One of the most mysterious parts of our planet is the deep blue sea, which we know so little about.

The mystery of the ocean and all of the weird and wonderful creatures in it make it endlessly fascinating for us humans, especially kids.

All the funny, cool, and beautiful beings under the sea make for wonderful craft ideas and your kids of all ages will love these creative ocean crafts.

Whether your kids love seahorses, crabs, jellyfish, or the clever 8-legged octopus, they are sure to find a new friend that they can't wait to create.

And if they aren't in the mood for a new deep-sea friend, there are crafts to help them make seashells and sandcastles, too.

20 Sweet and Clever Ocean Theme Crafts Little Kids Will Love to Make

The octopus is such an amazing ocean creature.

They are incredibly smart, excellent problem-solvers, and can look adorable, too.

This Paper Plate Octopus is the perfect example of that: large googly eyes and a large head combined with long tentacles made of bubble wrap.

Your kids will love making this one!

Although you would probably step back in fear if you saw a real jellyfish on the beach, this adorable paper bag jellyfish will only make you smile.

Your kids will have so much fun putting him together with his sweet little smile, large eyes, and shredded tissue paper tentacles!

If your kids love to build sand castles but you live nowhere near the beach, you can offer them the fun without the mess when they "build" this wonderful creation from Sand Paper.

You or your child can cut out the shapes.

Their gorgeous castle comes together with just a little imagination and glue!

This awesome handprint fish craft is a beautiful piece of art that you and your preschoolers can make together.

But it is also a memory keepsake, since the little fish's body is made from your child's own handprint. 

This is one you'll want to frame and keep forever!

These super cute and friendly crabs are made from a simple paper plate!

With googly eyes and moveable claws, these crabs are not just fun craft projects, they are also imaginative toys!

One of the friendliest creatures of the sea, the gorgeous Orca is a great creature to make with kids.

(And a great opportunity to explain why you don't go to Sea World!)

This sweet paper plate orca is just waiting to be friends with the special child who creates it!

Origami, the art of folding paper, is a wonderful skill to introduce to kids  and this cute little whale is a fun and simple way to do that.

It only requires a few easy folds to make, and once done, makes a cheerful companion for under-the-sea imaginative play!

The seahorse is such a fascinating ocean creature.

Children will love decorating their very own seahorse with this cute kids' craft.

Tissue paper, artfully glued, gives their little sea friend a nice 3D appearance which will really stand out on your refrigerator or art wall!

This thumbprint ocean theme craft is so much fun for kids of all ages, and adults, too.

Everyone, no matter how young, can add their thumb prints to the picture.

Then the older kids and adults can do the rest, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art that is fun for the whole family to make together.

This friendly little jellyfish is eager to swim around his blue paper-plate fishtank to get a good look at the world.

As he swims, his yarn tentacles move so sweetly.

Your kids will be so proud when they create this adorable craft!

If you and your kids enjoy reading The Rainbow Fish story, they will love this adorable ocean craft.

(Anyon else a bit iffy about that book? He only gets friends when he gives part of himself and his beauty away. Hmmm... But this craft IS cute!!)

Kids will enjoy creating their own beautiful fish, scales and all, out of a simple paper plate!

Teach your children all about the beauty and wonder of the great coral reefs with this light up tropical reef craft.

Built into an egg carton, this craft involves clever use of tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and more.

And, if you include battery operated candles, it looks even better when all lit up in the darkness.

I love the way these paper plate seashells turn out!

Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers, this clever craft project is colourful and unique.

These shells are so pretty you'll want to hang them all over the walls!

When you see how completely adorable this pufferfish craft is, I bet you'll want to make one yourself too!

After all, why should the kids have all the fun?

These friendly little fish are all puffed up and ready for fun, wearing bright colours and sweet smiles on their little fishy faces!

This Sea Urchin craft might look complicated, but it's actually quite easy to make by sticking painted toothpicks into a styrofoam ball.

This craft is better for kids age 4 and up, as it IS a bit "pokey" for little ones.

And it looks so cool, you'll be proud to display their finished sea urchin crafts!

Higher up in this list is a crab made from a paper plate that is perfect for older kids.

And this little rocking paper plate crab is simple enough for toddlers.

The little ones fill in their friendly little crabs with small bits of paper, add smile, eyes, and claws, and suddenly, their crab friend is complete!

You'll get the chance to recycle some paper towel rolls with this charming Jellyfish craft.

These lovely little jellyfish are bright and colourful and can look any way kids want them to look.

Let the creativity begin!

These cute and clever seahorses aren't just fun to make, they are actually puppets.

Kids will love playing with these friendly ocean friends.

They may even decide to create a puppet show to perform with their new friends!

Another creative way to craft some seahorse friends, although this seahorse is happier hanging in a window or on the wall than it is being a puppet.

The black glue outline gives this beautiful craft the appearance of stained glass!

This cute and crafty little Jellyfish has the prettiest tendrils!

His pink body is so sweet, and his eyes so googly, you'll feel like you've found your new favourite friend!

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