20 Cute & Fun DIY Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make

Are you looking for a fun card for the kids to make for dad this Father's Day?

Read on for Father's Day cards your dad will love, from free printables to foot and handprint crafts, plus plenty of puns to make him laugh!

Let's face it, Dads aren't always the easiest people to find gifts for, especially on Father's Day.

Ties and tools are given so much, they're a cliche and the first thing he expects on his big day.

But wouldn't it be fun to give him a surprise?

There are lots of fun gifts kids can make for Father's Day but if you'd prefer to make your card just as cool as the gift, we have you covered for that, too.

Each of the following cards is either special enough to be a gift on its own, or can easily be a great accompaniment to a gift.

(Or they do the job for you, like the shirt pocket cards which hold a gift card for Dad's favourite store.) 

Many of these cards offer your kids a wonderful opportunity to practice fine motor skills while expressing their creativity through colouring, gluing, cutting, and more.

Some of these lovely cards capture those little precious footprints or handprints that dad will treasure years down the road when those tiny hands are all grown up.

There is something really special about Dads and these cards are all a wonderful opportunity for kids to let him know how much he means to them.

Happy Father's Day!

Cute & Fun DIY Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make

For the dad who is truly out of this world (or believes in UFOs), this card is perfectly adorable.

This friendly three eyed alien is a creation to be proud of.

Of course, kids can make their aliens look any way they want, as long as their alien friends come in peace!

These cute little monsters have the longest arms you've ever seen!

All the better to give dad a huge hug for Father's Day.

It's not often that you find a card that hugs you, let alone one make by your kids.

What a lucky dad!

Part card, part magic trick - this Father's Day card rocks!

Kids and dads alike love a good magic show, and your little ones will be seriously proud to present Dad with a card that will make him smile as much as this one will.

If your dad loves candy, this is the Father's Day tie that he needs.

This cute card is better than the ties that Dad wears to work, because this one is filled with candy. 

M&Ms, jelly beans or Smarties work best, but any small candy that Dad loves will work.

For Dads who love puns, this is a great card.

Not only is it a cute chance for kids to show off their crafting skills by making a cute little watermelon, but they get to tell dad he is "one in a melon" too.

The groan-worthy puns are always the best!

For kids and dads who love secret spy missions, this Father's Day card is pure awesomeness!

The message decoder is so much fun for kids to make (younger kids may need Mum's help) and then they get to write a Super Secret Message for Dad's eyes only.

What could be cooler than that?

This Father's Day card is a lot of fun.

It's a great chance for kids to learn how to make a 3D craft project, and when finished, this one looks great!

Dad will love seeing his kid's hand print, and will be even happier to give it a High Five!

If you're looking for a last minute Father's Day Card for kids who love to colour, this Best Dad Ever trophy is a great choice.

The printable design is easy to colour, giving kids of all ages a chance to do a fantastic job expressing their creativity.

Dads receiving ties for Father's Day has become a bit of a humorous cliche.

But when it comes to a shirt and tie card like this one, even dads who don't wear ties can enjoy getting one for his special day!

In the punny world of Dads, this cute finger-painted fish card fits right in.

The simple fish outline is filled in with dots of paint from the tip of your child's finger, telling Dad that he is "fin-tastic".

You know Dad will love this one!

This precious card reminds Dad how important he is in the life of his child.

The little foodprints and handprints remind Dad of how small his child was, and he will carry them and the touching words in his heart forever.

This sweet card gives kids a chance to spread their arms out wide to show dad just how much they love him - but in paper form.

The accordion folded arms hide away in the card to surprise dad when he opens it.

And those long arms are sure to make him smile!

This card is too cool!

It doesn't simply open or pop up - it twists, too.

It looks like a perfectly normal card until dad goes to open it, and then it shows off all its coolness.

Best of all, when he finds out who made the card, Dad will be seriously proud!

This wonderful Father's Day card shows off your child's footprint and finger prints in the most creative way.

That sweet footprint becomes a hammer, and the fingers become nails in a card that is both humorous and a delightful keepsake!

This Printable Father's Day card is great when you are running out of time to do something special for dad on his special day.

And the really cool part is that there is space to tell Dad exactly why he is so special to you!

This fun Drill Bit card is especially perfect when Dad is getting the gift of tools for Father's Day.

But even if he isn't, he'll still love this drill and the silly pun that comes with it.

After all, all Dads love power tools!

This clever card actually gives you the chance to learn how to make your own "scratch off" card for Dad.

Instead of the chance to win a little money, your scratch off will let Dad know that you are the one that won the lottery when he became your Dad.

If you got Dad a gift card for Father's Day, this Shirt Pocket gift card is a perfect way to present it.

You can even make the shirt look appropriate for the kind of card you give.

Make an office shirt and tie for a gift card for office supplies.

Or a work shirt for a gift card to Home Depot or a DIY store.

Dad will love the creativity and thoughtfulness!

These little hedgehogs are so cute!

There's a free template to help your little ones create these adorable friends.

Each of the little quills is a folded paper with a word to describe Dad.

This Father's Day card is sure to be treasured!

If you haven't had time to craft the perfect Father's Day card or you have kids who love to colour more than anything else, you'll love these printable Father's Day Cards.

There are a few to choose from and each one offers a nice picture kids can colour and decorate any way they want, making each card truly unique!

More ideas for Father's Day:

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