Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts That He Will Love or Actually Use

As Father's Day rolls around each year, it's time to start thinking about celebrating dads of all kinds.

Whether they are a granddad, stepdad, a dad to be, dad of one or of many, there are Father's Day cards to make and gifts to buy.

If you are looking for Father's Day gift ideas that he will actually use, read on...

Gifts for men. Don't groan.

Yep, it's a cliche for a reason.

Men really are difficult to buy for!

You want to get him something super special, as well as have the kids make some adorable Father's Day crafts, but what to buy???

It's easy to enough to grab some novelty gift at the supermarket, but wouldn't it be better to get something he will love or even actually use?

Read on for some fantastic gifts he will be delighted with - and actually be able to get something out of too!

Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So, you want to do something special for the man/men in your life, but it can be a challenge deciding what to buy.

Here we have a few gift suggestions that will appeal to many different types of men and, don't worry, we have ideas for all budgets.

You’re sure to find something that's in your price range and that will make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

All you have to do is figure out which of these ideas the man in your life would appreciate most!


This is definitely one for your partner, not your own dad!

If your man is into grooming, we have the perfect package for his perfect package!

The Perfect Package 3.0 by MANSCAPED™ contains their Lawn Mower™ 3.0 which is the best men's (ahem!) below the belt grooming trimmer.

It can actually be used on nay part of the body, including back and chest.

The Lawn Mower is cleverly designed to trim smoothly without friction, meaning less cuts and nicks even in the more tricky areas.

The Perfect Package gift box also includes their Crop Preserve ball deodorant, Crop Revive ball toner and a pair of (I'm told) super comfy reduced-chaffing boxer briefs.

The products are all vegan and cruelty-free, a well as being sulfate, paraben and dye-free so you know your man’s manhood is in good hands.

Package also includes the Weed Whacker, as detailed below.

The Gift of Less Hair

The Perfect Package includes the Weed Whacker™, an ear and nose trimmer, but it is also available separately.

Now this is something men of all ages can use, am I right ladies?!

Get your dad or partner something he could really use this year.

The MANSCAPED™ Weed Whacker™ has a super fast 9,000 RPM motor-powered 360-degree rotary dual-blade system that will help him deal with those unsightly hairs in no time.

It’s waterproof making it super easy to use and clean, and has an intelligently contoured design to enhance the trimming experience.

Help out the men in your life out by getting him the gift he really needs.

Go on, get your man a gift he will actually use! 


Put dad or granddad in the spotlight with a framed photo of him with the kids.

Perfect for putting on his desk at work or at home, he'll treasure special memories and love this personal gift.

Choose a classic dark wood frame with insert or buy him a digital frame which will play pictures of his adoraable family throughout the day.

Perfect for gadget lovers, and you can continually upload photos so dad can see what you're up to while he's still at work!

This 10 inch digital picture frame takes just a minute to set up so is perfect for even the least digital-savvy amongst us!


We usually think of giving flowers on Mother’s Day, but lots of men love to receive flowers, too.

For Father’s Day, choose flowers with a more masculine monochromatic palette in deep blues, whites or purples.

Dendrobium orchid bouquets in white or purple are perfect for men, or a bunch of bright sunflowers make the perfect Father's Day bouquets.

Lots of men also appreciate strong tropical flowers like calla lilies or birds of paradise with their quirky exotice appearance.

Large coffee mugs like these funky ceramics make great containers for flower arrangements and give him something to use after the flowers are gone.


The way to a man's heart is through his stomach they say.

And dads love to get their favourite foods for Father’s Day.

Surprise him with a bouquet of chocolate bars instead of flowers, or a hamper of his favourite beer and snacks.

Many dads will be more than happy with a meal out, take away or a homecooked meal with their favourite people too.

Treating him doesn't need to cost a fortune!

If the man you're buying for loves ot barbecue, buy him a new set of barbecue tools or a fun apron, stock the fridge and let him loose on the grill.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is such a versatile gift, especially if you make your own.

Include a variety ofitems you know he loves, and some new things to try, all in one special package wrapped up with love. 

Gift baskets can include foods, coffee, beer, wine, gift certificates, and anything else that the man in your life might like.

The best gift baskets have themes, such as for the gardener, the grill king, the sports fan or the outdoor man gift basket pictured below.

You know your dad or partner best, but a few themes to consider are:

• Movie Night
• Beers from Around the World
• Favourite Snack Foods
• Gourmet Popcorn
• Gourmet Nuts

You can purchase premade gift baskets or put one together yourself using a creative theme and container.

There is no end to the baskets, buckets, crates or vintage containers you can find.

He’ll be sure to enjoy uncovering all the fun items you give him!

DIY Gifts

While store bought gifts are always an option, there’s nothing more personal than something handmade by your child for a special dad.

These one of a kind gifts will warm his heart and let him know just how much you love him and think about him.

Handprint crafts are perfect for capturing a moment in time, or you could make a coupon book or scrapbook of memories.

Check out our list of DIY Father's Day gifts for kids to make that dads will love and our free printable Father's Day coupons.

Finally, never underestimate the gift of time.

A family day out or time spent together is priceless, so head out for a long walk, go on a day out, go to the movies or a sports event, or just spend some time in the park with a football and a picnic.

If you can't manage this on the actual day, place the tickets or plans for the day out in his Father’s Day card.

Want to make a Father's Day card? We have tons of ideas!

If you have a big family with many dads, you could consider hosting a Father’s Day Brunch.

Invite the extended family over for a brunch featuring everyone's favourite brunch dishes.

However you celebrate, rest assured your dad has the best gift around!

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