13 of the Best Star Wars Gifts

Happy Star Wars Day!  Know a huge Star Wars fan?  We've just made birthday shopping easy, with this wide array of gift possibilities.  From breakfast till bedtime they can surround themselves with all things Star Wars.  Here's our guide to the best Star Wars gifts around.  May the (shopping) force be with you!

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  1. My fella would love all of these things.....He would fill the house with Star Wars things given the chance....lol I do like the Wookiee Biscuit Barrel though. So cute.

  2. My folks are MASSIVE Star Wars fans! This is a great gift guide and we’re definitely going to check out plant pots!

  3. These gifts are awesome for a star wars fan! My boyfriend would love them all, especially the cereal bowl!

  4. Oh my son would have loved everything off this list! He is a massive Star Wars fan. I will have to remember some of these for his birthday


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