The Best Gifts for Men

Is it just me that finds buying for men SO difficult?!  If you have a list of men you need to buy for, or that one special man you really want to get the perfect gift for, this gift guide can help.  Shopping for gifts for men is easy when you know their likes and dislikes, of course, so have a good think about what he does for work, in his free time, and the kind of lifestyle he has, or aspires to have!

If you know what a man's hobbies are, that’s always a good indicator of what type of gift you should buy for him.  Somehow they always seem to have more hobbies than women do - didn't you always dread men asking you about your 'spare time' on dates?!

For the Gamer

For example, if he loves video games and could spend hours playing, then you can pick out some of the top rated new release games and surprise him with those. If he’s been playing video games on an older console, then you can surprise him with an updated model.

If he already has a nice console and plenty of video games, then a flat screen television so that he can see all of the action in the best colour and with the best sound would be a great gift.  Picking up anything electronic as a gift is one way you can’t go wrong really and flat screen TVs can be picked up at budget friendly prices these days.

For men who have an iPad, there’s a top selling gadget called an arcade cabinet that’s made especially for the iPad. With this fun piece of entertainment equipment, he can play the classics as well as the newer arcade games.

For the Traveller

For the man that travels, a nice set of matching luggage would make a great Christmas gift.  Men’s fogless shower mirrors make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for him and so do men’s grooming kits.  You can get kits that come with razors and all of the attachments and you can also get kits that come with the speciality shampoos and lotions included.

If the man you're shopping for has a beard, a good grooming kit is always going to be a good option.  You’ll want something high quality that’s built to last, so that they won’t scratch or cut themselves and can keep it around for awhile. You should look for something with both manual razors as well as electric, and the electric razor should hopefully have different lengths of blade guards so that they can choose what length to cut their hair at.

Cheap shaving kits can lead to things like cuts or even infections, but a high quality shaving cream with some aftershave can ensure that he can shave in absolute comfort.  They even come in great scents like sandalwood for an added bonus.

If he prefers to travel closer time, this Ordnance Survey guide to 100 outstanding British walks.  designed for walkers of all ages and abilities, the book is split into regions and features short ambles as well as half day rambles and more strenuous trails to cover a total of more than 625 miles (1000km) of the UK.

For the Smart Guy

A decent suit never goes out of style.  Your husband is likely going to be attending a few formal events over the course of your marriage, and you want him to look his best.  If he doesn’t already have one, getting him a nice suit that’s sized properly can make a night and day difference.  A poorly made or poorly sized suit can make someone look low brow, but a nice one can really turn some heads at events.

Many men love watches and most have a certain style and brand that they prefer.  You can get a nice watch for him for everyday use or one for special occasions.  For everyday watches, take a look at some of the great sport analog models. These have the rubber straps so they can handle being bumped against stuff.  If he likes to own several watches, then you might invest in a display case for his watches with a see through lid so he can easily see his haul.

Men’s cologne can be part of a nice Christmas for him when you give him a bottle of the cologne he enjoys wearing.  There are mini and designer sets that come ready packaged in attractive decorative boxes.  During the season, most cologne box sets have a gift with purchase, like a sports bag or wallet, for example, so shop around and see what kind of deal you can get (shop in the UK here).

For the Sporty Guy

Many men enjoy playing sports so sports gear like football, tennis or golf equipment would make a great gift.  For example, an electronic return putting mat is a really nice gift for men who enjoy golfing.

Golf is a great example, as if he’s just now looking to get into it, you can get him a good starting set of clubs.  If he’s already pretty invested into it, you can get him fitted for new, more customized clubs.  If he’s a serious, more advanced player, you can always opt for a more expensive particular club, such as a driver or a wedge, that he might not splurge on otherwise.

Sporting gifts are very popular in the form of professional jerseys with their name sewn on the back, autographed gifts (like footballs or helmets), and even framed pictures of their favorite stadium or mascot like the Red Sox Wally, the Green Monster.

It might be something as simple as a t-shirt or jersey, or something more displayable like a banner or a flag.  Either way, there’s probably something that he doesn’t have that you can get pretty cheap that will always put a smile on his face that he can either display or wear with pride.

If your guy is really into working out, there are a ton of exercise items you can pick up.  Ab benches, free weights, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers are nice for in home exercise routines.  If he prefers to run outdoors, then you can pick up a pair of good running shoes as well as comfortable workout clothes.

If he enjoys being out in the fresh air and sunshine, then bicycles make a great Christmas gift that he can use for years to come. And you can choose the type of bike that will fit his interests. You can pick up a road bike or a single speed. If he’s into exploring the back trails, you can also grab a mountain bike at a cost that’s very budget friendly.

For the Music Fan

Music plays a big part in many men's lives and if you know who his favorite singer or group is, you can get autographed, framed album covers.  Or, if he plays an instrument in his leisure time, pick up one of those, like an electric or acoustic guitar with an amp, or some accessories for it.

In recent years, vinyl has made a huge resurgence.  If your boyfriend/husband/dad is a big fan of some older music, then a record player would be a great option.  If he already has one, get him some vinyl records of his favorite bands, so he can listen to his favorite tracks in stunning quality.

For the Foodie Guy

Coffee is a staple beverage among men so he will be thrilled to get a round the world gourmet coffee set.  These are available as a single purchase bag or you can get them in baskets that will let him have a selection of several different flavors to choose from.  Giving him a specialized coffee mug or even an upgraded coffeemaker to go with the coffees will make this gift perfect.

Beer making kits for the home brewer come in various beer flavors and contain all of the items needed to bottle beer, including the bottles and lids.  With the included labels, he can choose any name to label his beer and share them with friends.

Or is he a grill master during the spring and summer months?  There are many new and improved grills for indoor or outdoor use that might be appropriate gifts for a man you know.  You can get a kettle style grill or pick up one of the larger gas grills.  But for those days when it’s bad weather outside, he can still make his favorite foods on a countertop grill.

Take a look at the accessories that come with the grills, you’ll find handy grill tools like grill tool sets, vegetable baskets and cleaning tools.  Don’t forget to get a set of barbecue mitts in his stocking too!

For the Handy Guy

What about gifts he can use around the home?  If he has a lot of 'honey do' chores for keeping the home looking and working great, then make life easier on him with some tools that are high on a man's wish list at Christmas.

Tools, whether single purchase or sold in kits, are some of the best gifts you can buy.  There are power tools like drills and electric screwdrivers and kits that have multi-tools and all of the bit accessories.  If he likes working with his hands, there are plenty of precision tools you can pick up.  Getting a container like a toolbox will help him keep all of the tools organized.

You can invest in a drill kit for simple tasks, or pick up an electric air compressor if he’s in need of one.  Outdoor tools are always welcomed – especially leaf or snow blowers that help make those outdoor jobs a cinch.

If your husband or dad is the handyman type, he’ll almost certainly appreciate some new tools.  Dads often have a good set of common tools that they’re already invested into and familiar with, so try to go with some more uncommon or somewhat obscure tools they would love, but might not splurge on for themselves.  He would surely appreciate it as a gift!

There are tons of individual landscaping tools he might appreciate for Christmas. String and hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, gardening tools and pressure washers make clean up a breeze.

Something that every man needs is a proper pair of work shoes.  They usually resort to using some common sneakers, but some good steel-toed work shoes can protect their feet from any stray falling tools or other debris – even if they only need them while working around the house in the yard.

If the man you know is particularly outdoorsy, then a good fixed blade knife can really brighten their day.  These knives are much sturdier, and if you get a quality one, will be nice and sharp and built to last.  These knives are much better than their standard pocketknife, especially when it comes to outside work.

For the Petrol Head

What about something for your man’s car? There are exterior and interior accessories and tools you can order, like cargo management products for the roof or back hitch areas, or anti-theft systems that protect one of his biggest investments.

We love this digital tyre inflator from Ring which is perfect for anyone venturing out on long car journeys throughout the year, and saves having to find a garage to inflate your tyres.  The RTC1000 is a real practical purchase that takes up very little space but packs a real punch.  This handy tool can inflate a 13" tyre from 0 to 35PSI in just 2 minutes, impressive!  It's the gadget that keeps on giving!

A lot of men will appreciate getting gifts they can use in or for their vehicle.  For example, if the man in your life travels often and loves to listen to the music he’s synced onto his portable music player, then picking up a car adapter or a holder for his music would make a great choice.

A GPS navigation device is a great idea, too - and the ones that you can get now have handy features about traffic delays so he’ll never have be stuck in traffic again.  Car care items like waxes and cloths, conditioners and buffers are things that he’ll use multiple times and make great stocking fillers too.

For any guy who does a lot of driving or outdoors work, a new pair of sunglasses would be greatly appreciated.

For the Reader

Every man enjoys relaxing and if your guy is a reader, then picking up the bestsellers from his favorite author will make his day.  You can also get him a set of audiobooks so that he can listen to the books while he works out or travels or gift him a subscription to Audible (buy in the UK) for access to endless audiobooks.

Or you could treat him to a portable e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite.  That way he can read the popular books but also have access to newspapers and sports magazines, too.  The new designs are even shock and waterproof too.

If in Doubt

If you really don't know what to get, you can always get him some gift cards.  And gift cards encompass so many aspects of life - from eating to watching movies to shopping for clothes, that you’re sure to get something he'll like.

Men can sometimes be pretty difficult to buy gifts for. They might not always talk about things they want or need out of fear of sounding too needy, so they’ll tend to just go with whatever they’ve got on hand, but follow this gift guide for men to find the best presents he'll love.

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