20 of the Most Crafty and Creative Father's Day Gifts for Kids to Make

Are you looking for homemade gifts for the kids to make this Father's Day?

Use these fun craft ideas and free printables to make some great gifts for dads, stepdads, granddads and all those other father figures in our lives to treasure.

Let's hear it for Dad!

Fathers are the first hero in a young child's life.

Dads are silly, fun, and strong enough to carry their children from place to place, literally and metaphorically.

Dads are mysterious, possessing great knowledge about things like how to build stuff, how to mend things and how to have great adventures.

Is it any wonder that kids see them as superheroes?

Father's Day is the day that we celebrate dads in every way we can.

And this collection of great Father's Day gifts to make will give you and your kids some awesome ideas for making gifts for the wonderful dads, grandpas, and all the other father figures in your lives.

Every special man involved in your child's life deserves to be celebrated.

And here are some of the best ways I have found to do just that!

Fun Father's Day Gifts for Kids to Make

This adorable Father's Day gift is as simple as it comes.

A sweet hand-drawn face and matching cape are attached to a chocolate bar, with the words "Super Dad" attached to the front.

What a sweet way to let dad know he is your Super Hero!

For dads with a desk, this salt dough paperweight is an awesome gift.

Kids form the nice round "rock" by hand and decorate it with tiny stones to form the words "Dad Rocks".

This paperweight is a keepsake dad will find useful for years!

A nice tie has become the iconic Father's Day Gift, which is what makes this Candy Bar Wrapper so cute.

A nice shirt collar and tie are created out of paper, designed to wrap around a delicious candy bar.

In addition, a list of details about dad filled out in his child's handwriting makes an amusing and cherished reminder of the kid who loves him!

Part craft and part toy, this Flying Superhero makes a great Father's Day gift.

The handsome little superhero man smiles in his uniform and black mask (and the beard stubble is a great touch!).

Add a cape, and your little superhero looks ready to go.

But the real secret is the attached straw which you blow through to launch your superhero into flight!

Mad-Libs have long been a fun and entertaining way for kids to practice their grammar through naming words like nouns, adjectives, and more.

Dad-Libs printables work exactly the same way except that this time, dad is the focus.

Easy to print and fill out, this is a very fun way to celebrate the special man kids call "Dad".

This adorable picture is especially perfect for dads who love fish.

But even dads who have never picked up a pole will love the sweet little fish made from their child's handprint.

You'll definitely want to frame this special piece of art!

This Father's Day Treat Jar gift is incredibly easy to put together.

Simply fill an empty jar with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses, print up the sweet little poem, and add some twine on the lid.

Makes the perfect last minute Father's Day gift for dads who love chocolate!

Older kids will enjoy doing most of all of the work to make this Daddy & Me fingerprint mug.

Younger kids will need your help with some of the details.

Either way, this coffee mug is a wonderful keepsake that any dad will cherish for always!

This adorable owl is a great craft project for the little ones.

Made from cut out pieces of craft paper, glue, and other crafting tools, the cute little owl sits sweetly with his wings folded, asking Dad to "Guess Whooo Loves You".

When Dad moves the wings aside, the answer is revealed with a picture of his beloved child.

This gift gives all the feels!

For dads who like gummy bears, this Father's Day Jar Gift is pretty perfect.

Simply fill your jar with red gummy bears, attach the printable sticker, and add some twine.

Dad will love this gift that reminds him his child loves him "Bear-y" much!

Painted rocks are all the rage and these Father's Day Hero Stones are one really great way to paint some for your dad.

Each stone includes a word that describes your own very special father.

Let your kids express how nuts they are about their dad with this cool picture frame project.

Kids will have a blast covering the frame with nuts and you'll have fun picking out the perfect picture to place in the frame.

One of the easiest dad gifts is a simple jar filled with dad's favourite treats.

And this "stache" jar is another amusing way of decorating dad's special jar.

This play-on-words treat jar is even more fun when dad (or grandpa) has a moustache to be proud of!

This Superhero dad art work is a special keepsake, made from your child's foot print and hand print.

Add a sweet little hero face and you have the perfect picture to let dad know he is your superhero!

This super cool craft uses paper lunch bags to create a special book for dad.

Filled with pictures and information for the kids to fill out, this little book lets your children express just how much their dad means to them!

This Printable Father's Day Candy Bar Poster is really cute.

And did I mention that it is free printable?

This cool poster includes spacing to show you exactly where and how to fill your poster with mint and chocolate packages that dad will love!

Even the craftiest kids might appreciate some help putting together these awesome DIY Coasters for dad and granddad.

All you have to do is print up the patterns and attach them to square cork disks.

Older kids will love to make these and are sure to be proud of the results!

These handprint work gloves are really too precious to use.

Decorated with the small handprints of their children, these work gloves are more likely to find their place behind a frame on the wall, along with the beautiful poem.

What a great dad gift!

If dad is a reader, these adorable bookmarks are a great gift your kids can create.

Each bookmark features a sweet picture of your child, along with any message and artwork your kids want to do to express what dad means to them.

Place inside a new book from you for a combination gift that dad will cherish always!

With a jar of trail mix and an adorable printable label, you can put together an easy and fun last-minute gift for dad.

This monster trail mix is a particular favourite with dads who hike and enjoy healthy snacks!

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