30 Day LEGO Building Challenge {with printable cards}

Do your kids love LEGO?

Are they ready for a LEGO challenge?

Keep children busy all month with these fun building activities.

Pick a card each day then encourage them to use their imagination to become a NASA scientist, an engineer, an architect or a palaeontologist.

These fun ideas will develop their imagination and challenge their building skills.

As fun as putting pre-designed LEGO sets together is, most of us have several bins of random LEGO pieces.

And, to be honest, building your own ideas can be way more fun than making the thing on the box anyway!

If you have a LEGO fan in the house, get them involved in this fun challenge that will keep them busy all month long.

For this easy to set up 30 days of activities, you just print the cards out, cut them up if you want to, and let their imagination run wild each day.

We have even added 4 blank cards for you to come up with some bonus challenges that match their interests, or kids could even come up with their own challenges.

Better still, play along with siblings, cousins or friends and challenge each other!

In a classroom or multi child play setting you could even form teams and play against one another.  

This challenge will keep any LEGO fan busy for hours!

30-Day LEGO Challenge Printable Calendar

Each day a new idea is presented, asking you to build something to help astronauts or pirates etc.

Then it is up to the builder to decide on a plan and how they will construct the space ship / bridge / birthday cake / boat etc.

Whatever their age, LEGO fans love a challenge!

How to Use the 30 Day LEGO Challenge
  • You could set the challenge at a certain time each day, e.g. after lunch so they spend the afternoon building.
  • You could turn it into a race if building with siblings, friends or family.  Or a challenge to see who could use the most or the least bricks.
  • You could make the challenges more difficult by only using one or two colours, or using only a certain number of bricks.
The possibilities are endless!

After each build is completed, make sure you take a photo or two

You could even make a LEGO Challenge scrapbook by writing a few sentences about each creation, or why not try turning all the challenges and builds into a story.

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