The 7 Best LEGO City Sets for Kids

If your child loves LEGO, the LEGO City series will probably be top of their wish list. This set is like having a miniature city right in your own room. From the local police and fire stations to the rubbish truck and workers who help to keep the city clean, this line of LEGO helps recreate the features of a real city.

One of the things that make LEGO toys so fun is the accessories and the flexibility of building the set to your own specifications. You can get one set that includes many different features and then add more and more to expand your city.  Here are our favourite LEGO City sets.

LEGO City Police Station

The LEGO City Police Station has everything you need to get the bad guys and protect the city from crime. It includes a building that’s made to put together easily.

You’ll also get four police officers to serve and protect along with two robbers that you can confine in one of two jail cells included in the building. The police dog that you get will help you sniff out dangerous situations. The station also has a kennel where the dog can be cared for when he’s not protecting.

Inside the station you’ll also find a command centre with computers. There are also plenty of fun accessories - such as a crowbar, handcuffs, wanted posters, and a mug shot area. You’ll also find an evidence room and a secret compartment.

The building has a garage where police cars can be stored as well as a helipad on the roof for the police helicopter to land on.

It also includes a police car, police van, and bicycle so that your police can catch the bad guys before they have a chance to get away. This is a set that will help your child get started with enforcing the law in LEGO City and it has accessories that you can add.

This is a great starter set if you’re ready to begin building your own LEGO City. Once you have this set built, you’ll be ready to add even more to it!

LEGO City Dirt Bike Transporter

If you’re into dirt bike racing, the LEGO City Dirt Bike Transporter makes it fun to play with miniature dirt bikes. The set includes the transporter and a trailer. It also includes two dirt bikes and two racers.

The trailer has ramps that allow the dirt bikes to ride off of the trailer and to their next racing event. The set also includes a spare tire, tools, racing helmets, and flags.

LEGO City Fire Truck

No town is complete without protection from fire and help for responding to emergencies. The LEGO City Fire Fire Truck will help you to get to a fire and other emergencies.

This set comes with a small four-wheel drive vehicle and a firefighter to drive it. It also includes accessories such as a hatchet, a chainsaw, and other firefighting equipment.

LEGO City Mars Space Shuttle

While much of a city is about getting regular business accomplished, it’s also important to travel to distant worlds. The LEGO City Mars Space Shuttle will help your child imagine life in the stars.

This set comes with plenty of extra features too.  Of course no space shuttle could be complete without an astronaut - and this set comes with an astronaut figurine. You can use your imagination to launch the space shuttle into space and discover new worlds.  Whether you want to look at the stars or try to discover an alien species, this space shuttle has all you need for space exploration.

LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter

If you’re ready to add a new accessory to your LEGO City Police Station, the LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter is a great addition. This helicopter has many features that mimic a real life helicopter.

It has a cockpit that looks like the real thing and has room for the included action figures. You’ll get two pilot figures as well as one forest police officer to fly through the skies looking for robbers and other emergencies.

This 393-piece set also comes with a police ATV so that the forest police officer can help look for danger on the ground while the helicopter takes to the skies to get an aerial view.

In case of an emergency over water, the helicopter also includes two life jackets that can be worn. With moving blades and doors that open and close this helicopter is set up for realistic play.

LEGO Mobile Police Unit

If you have the LEGO City Police Station, you’ll love adding this 408-piece LEGO City Mobile Police Unit to your collection. It comes with extra accessories to make your police play even more inventive.

This set includes a cab and trailer that allows you to take police business away from the police station building. When you open the trailer, you’ll reveal all kinds of bells and whistles to help get the job of protecting the citizens done.

This set comes with action figures including a detective and two police officers. It also includes a robber. You’ll love the included red sports car and bar of gold that the robber tries to escape with.

The police motorcycle in the set will help you to catch up to the bad guys and then cuff them with the handcuff accessory. There’s also a magnifying glass and flashlight to help work in dark spaces.

After you catch the robber, there’s a mobile prison where you can keep him until you’re able to transport back to the main police station. This set allows you to take police action to the streets with all the things you need for a successful operation.

LEGO City Fire Station

In addition to fighting crime, it’s important for a city to have a system to deal with fires and other emergencies. The 662-piece LEGO City Fire Station will help you to do that with ease.

This is a large set that includes everything you need to get started with fighting fires. It includes a command center where the firefighters work to coordinate their rescues.

It includes a living quarters where the firefighters spend their time when they’re not fighting a fire. When the alarm sounds that it’s time to fight a fire, they slide down the included fireman’s pole and jump into action.

The garage houses a fire engine complete with ladder and hose. It also includes five firefighters that can spring into action riding the fire truck to the nearest emergency.

When they get to a fire and find someone is stuck in a high place, they can get out the jump sheet so that they can jump to safety. They can also extend the ladder to get to high places when needed.

This set also comes with a tree and a cat so the firefighters can take part of the typical rescue of a cat stuck in a tree. There’s also an extra ladder, flowers, and a recycle bin included with this set to add to the realistic details of the station.

This is another great starter set for your LEGO City. You can always add more accessories to this large base. Your little one will love to put this set together and then play with it for hours on end.

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