The Ultimate Guide to the Best LEGO Gifts for Kids

LEGO has been a classic and popular gift for years, and with continual innovation and updating its appeal shows no sign of waning.  Whether you buy an elaborate kit to build or a simple box of bricks, LEGO offers kids of all ages hours of imaginative, creative fun.  If you have a LEGO fan to buy for, get them the perfect birthday or Christmas gift with this list of the best LEGO gifts.

LEGO Arctic

The fun LEGO Arctic range is top of the wish lists here, and with exciting mammals like a saber tooth tiger and a woolly mammoth it's not hard to see why. They'll be busy all of Christmas Day and beyond with this fun set. Our favourite is the 786 Piece LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base that includes 6 mini figures, a frozen mammoth figure, a crane, mobile lab and lots more. The perfect gift for science-mad little explorers.

LEGO Bricks & More

The LEGO Bricks and More Fun with Vehicles is perfect for any child who loves building and playing with vehicles.  In this set you get two male figures and tons of wheels, workshop tools, and even windshields!

Kids can use the inspiration booklet – or work from scratch. There are 525 pieces to manipulate over time, and the models are color coded to help with planning. Your child will have a blast making cars (plain or racing varieties) and trucks.

LEGO Building Accessories

Although this isn’t quite as exciting as a shiny new LEGO set, building bases are a vital piece to any and all LEGO sets out there. This 12 piece set of Strictly Briks base plates is fully compatible with other LEGO-type sets.  If you know a LEGO fan, they’ll definitely appreciate getting more of these at any time.

Perhaps even better than base plates to build on are road plates to drive on!  This set of Strictly Briks 10" x 10" Gray Straight and Curved Road Base Plates is also compatible with all major brands, including LEGO, Mega Bloks, & K'nex.  They can drive cars up and down the city streets and build a city or town from the ground up!

Add a new dimension to LEGO play with a stackable tower of base plates; their imagination will run wild.  Each base plate can be stacked vertically by using stackers.  Stackable base plates maximise play space.  Quickly and easily build a tower, office, parking garage, castle, or other structure that stands out from the rest!

If they fancy building vertically instead of horizontally, get them some of this fun Mayka toy block tape.  Use it to build LEGO creations or position mini figures across walls or down door frames.  Their whole bedroom or playroom can become a LEGO building zone!

We also love this flexible silicone LEGO mat is perfect for building both LEGO and DUPLO on.  It rolls out to a huge 32" and can be easily stored away when not is use.  one side works for LEGO and the other has bigger spaces for DUPLO bricks.


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LEGO Dimensions

LEGO just keeps on producing toys that kids love and the new LEGO Dimensions range is sure to be on every kid’s wish list. The Dimensions set of these toys was created not long after the release of The LEGO Movie.

The movie was such a hit that toys were needed to allow kids to be more interactive in a virtual world as well as still have the feel of the original LEGO play. This one is part real play and part computer game.

The fun begins thanks to the portal or vortex that swept away some of the well known characters. These heroes were drawn into another dimension where they had to fight for what was right and defeat evil villains who wanted to run the show.

The set is an endless time of adventure and imagination as kids travel through the different worlds to assist the heroes in making sure that order is once again restored. With each of the different sets that are available, kids will be given different mini figures.

These mini figures are exclusive to one set but they can all be used in combination with other mini figures. And what one mini figure has another one can use in a different world. For example, if one mini figure hero has a vehicle that he uses, in the Dimensions world, another hero can also use that vehicle.  The Dimensions sets are the most interactive LEGO creation so far and there are limitless ways that a child can create different missions and adventures.

There are several different sets available, but you could start with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for their gaming system. This is the portal that allows the physical mini figures your child has to enter the game.

While this is a computer game, it’s much more than that. It’s also a great learning tool because kids will have to use their thinking skills to solve the way around obstacles to achieve the character’s goal.

LEGO offers a ton of different characters, so your child can start out with his or her favorite. You can get ones like Batman or Lord of the Rings characters. Each of these sets is compatible with the other, so you’ll be able to expand both the characters and the fun that your child can have.

LEGO Disney

The LEGO Disney range features all the Disney princesses and other characters from the most popular Disney movies.  From Steamboat Willie through classics like Cinderella and Snow White, right up to modern classics like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2, there are LEGO sets every child will love.

With 292 pieces, the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle is a lot of fun for any child who loved the movie. The set includes the sparkling castle along with the glittering wall pieces, Queen Elsa and her sister Anna. Olaf the snowman is also included. The set contains a bed, a sleigh with an ice hill, capes, a tiara and an ice cream bar.


If you are buying for younger children, there's now need for them to miss out on all the LEGO fun.  Start off with sets of LEGO's chunkier younger sibling LEGO DUPLO.  The LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train has ten numbered bricks along with an assortment of unnumbered bricks.

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LEGO Friends

The LEGO Friends collectible sets are part of a LEGO series called Heartlake City that can all be used as sets to create an adorable city kids will love. Each setting is unique and so much fun to build that it’s no wonder that boys as well as girls love these sets. Kids can collect each set to build up the City - and in each set is a mini-doll figure with a unique personality that makes up the collection of Friends.

One of our favourite sets is the LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House. Olivia loves her tree house because science fascinates her and she wants to become a scientist some day. Here, she and her friends can climb the folding ladder into the tree house to relax and swap stories, spend the night together and watch the stars shine. There’s even a secret spot to hide treasure!

This 191-piece set offers plenty of room for Olivia and all the Friends to gather. Besides the large main area of the Tree House, there’s a lookout area or crow’s nest so that Olivia can look out through the telescope.

The tree sits in a garden just waiting to be made beautiful with the accessories - and you’ll have plenty of fun adventures building, designing and then decorating the Tree House again!

This fun set comes with Olivia, her adorable pets Maxie the cat and Goldie the yellow bird. Goldie has an adorable birdhouse that sits beside the Tree House. Besides her pets, there are other animals, too. You’ll get four ladybirds and a total of four colorful butterflies to put in the garden that the tree is placed in. To decorate the tree or the garden, there are lots of wildflowers, too.

But you also get items like the cat’s dishes and her food, which consists of a fish and a carton of milk. The telescope and ladder are part of the accessories and the ladder can be tucked up into the tree once Olivia and the Friends have climbed in.

LEGO Harry Potter

Whether they’re a diehard Harry Potter Fan, or just love a good challenge with building a LEGO kit, you’ll want to pick up the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall set this Christmas for your kids.

This is a fantastic set that actually connects to the Whomping Willow set, if you already have that or plan on getting it. This one is specifically for the Hogwarts Great Hall and it includes the tower that has a spiral staircase that moves.

The hall also has the house banners and a room where all of the potions are stored. There’s also a treasure room in this Lego set that you can build. Your kids will love building it, and also playing with it and the 10 mini figures that come with it.

They include Harry Potter, of course, but also Hermione, Ron Weasley, Professor McGongall, Hagrid, Susan Bones, Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Nearly Headless Nick and a Professor Quirrell that comes with a dual face for Lord Voldemort.

This is the big one, part of LEGO's re-launch of the Harry Potter range and sure to be gracing many a wish list (not just the children's!) It's certainly an impressive set. The 4-level tower features a movable spiral staircase, potions room, treasure room, and a turret complete with the Mirror of Erised. The 10 minifigures in the set include Harry, Ron and Hermione, as well as Draco Malfoy, Professor Quirrell/Lord Voldemort, Hagrid and Dumbledore, even a little Hedwig.

Aside from the mini figures that come with the set and are lots of fun to play with, this Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego set also comes with Basilisk and Fawkes creatures that your child can build.

There are two other figures with the set – Hedwig and Scabbers, so it’s way more than just a building. You’re opening up a world full of fun for your child (and yourself, if you’re a fan of the movies and books, too).  There are other sets in the LEGO Harry Potter range too.

This is a large set – with 878 Lego pieces. It’s great for kids around 8 or older, and both boys and girls will love this kit. It’s a Lego set that, when built, measures a little more than 14 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

It has beautiful features inside, such as the fireplace and grand staircase that moves. Every little detail – from the benches and tables to the magical artifacts and accessories – has been crafted to give it a realistic look that’s in line with what you see in the movies.

Note that this isn’t the entire castle, it’s a portion of it. If you have the space, and the time to build it, you can buy the vast 6000+ piece Hogwarts Castle.  It'll be a busy new year!

LEGO Ideas Books

When kids have acquired a certain number of bricks they will be looking for new and exciting things to make, so a book of innovative ideas is a perfect gift.  Here are our favourites, just click the links below the pictures for more details.

LEGO Minecraft

The LEGO Minecraft The Cave play set has a total of 249 pieces and includes a zombie, a treasure chest, lava, TNT and more, perfect for Minecraft fans.

The LEGO Minecraft 21117 The Ender Dragon features 634 pieces. It comes with the Steve minifigure. Accessories included in the set are weapons and defensive gear such as the helmet and armor, a sand island with an Ender Dragon and egg, three Endermen, crystals and pillar pieces.

The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack Block is for kids from 6-12. The 115 piece set includes flick missiles, a batarang, a grapnel gun and minifigures. These are a Skeletron, Batman and Super Angry Kitty.

In the age of YouTube every kid is obsessed with making their own videos!  So now LEGO have done it - three times! - mini LEGO fans will love this kit for making their own movie.  The Make Your Own LEGO Movie kit comes complete with step-by-step instructions, tiny actors and camera tips.

LEGO Star Wars

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LEGO Stocking Fillers

LEGO DC Super Heroes

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