The Best LEGO DC Super Heroes Sets for Kids

The LEGO DC Super Heroes sets are a collection of figurines and sets patterned after the super heroes and their fictional worlds as featured in DC Universe Comics.  Each set is different and will feature items that pertain to a particular super hero’s world - or will set a scene. The mini figures that come with the sets are superheroes and sidekicks from the stories, there are even arch enemies to fight.

Here are our favourite LEGO DC Super Heroes sets:

LEGO Batcave

There’s trouble brewing in Gotham! Batman’s archenemy Bane is intent on getting into the Batcave and freeing Poison Ivy. Batman and Robin need help to get this dastardly duo to justice.  The LEGO Super of Bruce Wayne’s super cool gadgets - like binoculars and handcuffs - and an assortment of weapons, including flick missiles and batarangs to help Batman in the battle against his enemies.

The LEGO Super Heroes Batcave set also has the Batcycle, which is over 11 cm in length and is capable of firing those flick missiles. The Banees drill tank comes with this set, too. It’s over 12 cm in length and has those flick missiles and the spinning drill.

The Batcave stands over 21 cm in height and has the elevator that allows Bruce Wayne to turn into the winged avenger, Batman. Also inside the Batcave are the Batphone, a holding cell and Batman’s command center computer with screens and a chair that he can use to locate the bad guys.

This LEGO set has five figurines and they are Batman, Bruce Wayne, his sidekick Robin and two of Batman’s enemies, Bane and Poison Ivy.

LEGO Captain America's Avenging Cycle

A great American hero, Captain America delights children of all ages who are enthralled with the Marvel Super Heroes. Now, with this LEGO Captain Americas Avenging Cycle set, Captain America is pitted against the general and his henchman, the foot soldier. The battle to save the world is at hand!

With any battle, the odds need to be on the side of the hero - and the Avenging Cycle helps give Captain America the edge. This cycle is a solid mold and has pieces added to it. Both the front and the rear tires spin.

The cycle measures more than 2” in height and the length is 3”. The cycle also has a part that can throw the shield so that Captain America can capture the general and the foot soldier.

The general has a spacecraft that’s 2” for the height and measures 4” for the length. There are some cool moveable parts - like the front shield piece, which can lower, and the wings that can move. On the back of the craft, there are translucent engine pieces. The design is pretty detailed and the spacecraft has the flick missile.

The foot soldier figurine is in control of the gunner station that has a flick missile that can move up or down.

Along with the cycle, the general’s spaceship and the gunner station, the mini figurines of Captain America, the general and one foot soldier is included in the set.  This 72-piece LEGO set is the first time the Captain America mini-figurine was included in a set!

LEGO Hulk Helicarrier Breakout

The characters from The Avengers have helped to save mankind from Loki’s master plot. Once again, it’s time for the heroes to spring into action. Up until now, Loki’s plans have been thwarted and he’s been safely held in the Helicarrier’s containment cell.

But that’s all about to change when he springs toward freedom, using the jet fighter to escape from the super heroes. There’s trouble on the horizon - unless the heroes act fast to put Loki away again.

With the 389-piece LEGO Super Heroes Hulk Helicarrier Breakout set, you can restore peace and safety to all of mankind by putting Loki back into lock up. The cool Helicarrier stands over 5” and spreads out to 14” in length.

The Helicarrier has the awesome containment cell that has a feature that allows it to explode when Loki makes his escape. The set comes with a jet fighter over 2” in height and stretching to 7” in length.

The width of the jet is 5”. It has an opening cockpit and carries 4 of the flick missiles. Another feature of the jet is the blast function kids can use when speed is needed. The set has fuel canisters that sit in a holder that can fire the canisters.

The minifigures in this set that are going after the minifigure Loki are the Hulk, Thor, who has his trusty hammer and Hawkeye who’s ready for battle with his bow and arrow.

LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle

Loki and his minions are determined to create havoc in the world again - and it’s up to the Avengers to make sure he doesn’t get away with his evil quest. You can make sure the Avenger’s beat their enemy with the help of the LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle set!

The Quinjet has a height of over 5” and a length of 15” and gets right into the action with 2 cockpits that open for accessibility and have enough room to hold 2 of the minifigures.

There’s a rear door and the wing tips of the Quinjet can be changed or adjusted. The minijet can separate from the Quinjet. The set has 4 missiles that you can launch the missiles and use to capture Loki. The prison pod will keep this enemy of justice secure.

Another vehicle in the set is the Chariot. The Chariot is more than 2” tall and is 5” in length. This vehicle carries the flick missiles and has a platform that can rise or drop.

Even though Loki has his staff, his weapon is no match against Thor’s hammer. When Thor isn’t nearby, Iron Man’s thruster flame will win the battle against Loki and his evil.

Five minifigures are in this 735-piece LEGO set (with an almost perfect five star rating) and they are Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and of course, the bad guys Loki and a foot soldier.

LEGO Batwing Battle Over Gotham City

Oh no! There’s trouble in Gotham City thanks to The Joker’s latest antics. He’s getting ready to saturate the city with his toxic laughing gas. As he perches on a ladder below his helicopter, he’s preparing to infect the innocent people of the city.

Knowing that evil is no laughing matter, it’s Batman to the rescue in his super sonic Batwing. But can the hero of the night get there in time to counter attack the Joker’s plot? Only you can know the outcome!

Included in the Batwing Battle Over Gotham City set are 3 minifigures and as the 3 minifigures of Batman, The Joker and his henchman battle for control, you’ll be able to use all the weapons at your disposal. Batman brings 2 flick missiles to the fight and can release a bomb to stop The Joker.

But The Joker’s henchman is keeping the helicopter steady while the laughing archenemy is free to order missiles or laughing gas or a laughing gas bomb release.

LEGO Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape

S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters is on high alert! Loki has escaped and the consequences for mankind could be devastating if he’s not apprehended quickly. Loki has run away in the off-roader that’s armed with 2 flick missiles as well as a tipping feature that creates a blast to zoom Loki up and away from Iron Man’s ability to nab him.

But he must be captured at all costs! When he escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D., Loki took the cosmic cube and now he can use the cube to create mayhem for Iron Man and all of mankind.  Play out his capture in the Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape set.

Iron Man will give chase wearing his armored suit with the opening mask. His thruster flame elements will help him quickly get the upper hand.

The off-roader is over 3” tall and 5” in length and can speed quickly away on the oversized tires. The vehicle also has mounted lights on the roof.  Iron Man, Hawkeye and Loki come with the set.

LEGO Superman Vs Power Armour Lex

Kryptonite is what it takes to bring Superman to his knees and Lex Luthor - one of Superman’s greatest enemies - has designed a robot more than 5” tall and has a kryptonite loaded gun snaking out of his back. The robot is holding Wonder Woman captive and it’s up to Superman to intervene.

But can he win this battle against the power of the kryptonite that takes away his super power?

Lex Luthor is at the controls and he’s determined to do away with Superman once and for all. Use the Superman Vs Power Armour Lex set to help Superman escape the force of the kryptonite gun and put Lex Luthor in jail where he belongs!

Kids will love this highly recommended 207-piece LEGO set that features the 3 minifigures of Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex and also comes with a comic book.

Not only does the Kryptonite robot have the gun with the kryptonite, but his fingers are able to latch on to Wonder Woman and keep her hostage. Lex Luthor thinks he’s safe in the bubble of the robot, but show him that super heroes can always outwit their enemies!

LEGO Catwoman Catcycle City Chase

Catwoman is fleeing the scene with a diamond and it’s up to Batman to stop her from getting away. He has to use his Batarang and hit the stoplights at precisely the right angle to get them to fall.

The falling traffic light will bring Catwoman’s motorbike to a stop and enable Batman to capture her. But she won’t go without a fight - so help Batman be prepared to dodge her stinging whip!

This 89-piece Catwoman’s Catcycle City Chase set also includes traffic lights that Batman must hit and knock down to halt her escape and the Batarang.

Other accessories are cardboard boxes and newspapers - which help recreate that deserted, otherworldly atmosphere that Gotham City has always had. The 2 minifigures that will battle it out in this set are Batman and Catwoman. Consumers rate this with a 4.5 star rating.

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