How to Make an I'm Bored Jar for Kids {with FREE printables}

How many times a day do you hear the dreaded "I'm bored!" when kids are stuck at home?  Whether it's because of school holidays, down days at the weekend, or as now school closure, there never seems to be enough for them to do!  So here is how to make an I'm Bored Jar for kids.

Just grab an empty jar, ours is a big old pickle jar, and attach the Bored Jar label, like the one above in our free printable pack, to the front.  You could even paint the jar first.

Use chalk or acrylic paint for the best effect.

How to Fill the I'm Bored Jar

Once your jar is ready, it's time to start filling it!

We have 30 ideas right here ready for you to print with all sorts of fun activities that kids can do right now.

The activities include ideas like these (just click through for more ideas):

We also have a sheet of blank strips for you to write your own ideas on.  Why not print a few?
What else could you add?
You know what works best for your kids, but here are 25 more ideas to help inspire you:

What would you add?  What do your children love to do?

Just print out the I'm Bored Jar sign on paper and, if you can, print the activity ideas onto card stock so they last longer.  You could even laminate them!

Grab your FREE printable I'm Bored Jar pack here:

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More ideas for when kids are bored:

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