150 Fun Things to Do at Home with Kids

Whether you're stuck at home with kids because of illness or because it's a rainy day, you'll be looking for fun things to do with the kids in your house or garden.  Cabin fever can kick in very quickly, especially if children are used to going to school, so here is a list of 150 quick and easy at home play activities to keep them (and you) entertained.

Most of these ideas for stay at home indoor and outdoor fun use things you already have in your kitchen or backyard, so they are minimum prep and maximum play.  A few are outdoor activities that can happen well away from other people.  I hope these fun activities keep you and your kids happy in the weeks ahead.

Here are 150 fun things to do at home with kids:

1. Build something amazing with LEGO - what could you all make together?

Check out these fun LEGO challenges:
LEGO Building Challenge
STEM LEGO Challenge

2. Play board games

Try these board game ideas:
10 Best Board Games for Families
Best Board Games for Younger Children

3. Go on a scavenger hunt outdoors, either on a family nature walk or just in your back garden

4. Try these simple at home science experiments

5. Plant some fast-growing vegetables like salad leaves, rocket or cress

6. Get kids involved with household chores, make it fun

7. Make a simple bird feeder

8. Cut potatoes and do some printing

9. Have a movie marathon with pop corn and snacks

10. Set up a salad or sandwich station at lunchtime

11. Send kids on a colour treasure hunt to find things every hue around the home

12. Spot birds at an RSPB site

13. Set up a toy washing station on a tuff tray or in the garden

14. Make potions or perfume from plants, flowers and essential oils

15. Dye eggs with Skittles

16. Learn to sew

17. Play old parlour games like charades

18. Set up a floating and sinking investigation

19. Make a collage

20. Role play cafes and prepare and serve real food

21. Go on a push and pull walk to talk about forces

22. Teach your child how to garden

23. Go for a walk in nature every day to look for signs of animals and the changing seasons and weather

24. Start a nature journal to sketch and record what you see

25. Bake cakes - try this easy fairy cakes recipe

26. Have a virtual afternoon tea with grandparents via Facetime or Skype

27. Play chess - or learn together

28. Make a sensory bin

29. Make crafts from loo roll tubes

30. Have a themed day with costumes, food and activities, e.g. pirates, Disney Frozen, mermaids

31. Make a treasure hunt at home or in your garden

32. Compete to make the tallest towers out of blocks against a timer

33. Set up an indoor obstacle course with masking tape, cushions and bean bags

34. Create another obstacle course outside with hoops, balls and other garden toys

35. Start a scrapbook

36. Make play dough

37. Have a dance party to your old '90s tunes

38. Cut out paper dolls and decorate them

39. Make your own bath salts

40. Grab some magnets and go on a magnet hunt around the house and garden

41. Build a robot or a space ship out of junk

42. Make a treasure basket for heuristic play

43. Teach them to draw flowers, a bowl of fruit or a favourite toy

44. Make a fairy garden

45. Play shops with real food items, prices and real coins - great hands-on maths!

46. Make a mud kitchen outside with old pots and pans

47. Sort through and re-organise their toys, find some to go to charity

48. Raid your recycling or plastics drawer for containers, pour a basin of water and let kids learn about capacity

49. Practice salt tray writing

50. Learn to knit

51. Add water to flakes of chalk to make chalk paint

52. Make costumes from newspaper and masking tape, then put on a fashion show

53. Build a blanket fort

54. Play word and memory games like 'I went to market...' and 'The Prime Minister's cat...'

55. Make a flick book from a notepad

56. Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar sandwich

57. Have a family karaoke session

58. Build a huge train track across your floor

59. Engineering challenge with straws and Blu-tak: who can make the tallest structure

60. Do activity books

61. Make pizzas

62. Tell stories using story cubes

63. Learn a poem by heart

64. Take dollies into the garden and build dens and gardens for them

65. Colouring: in books or print out some free coloring pages

66. Play the bean game

67. Make a map of your local area

68. Play sardines

69. Make up jelly in silicone ice cube trays and then add to trays for sensory play

70. Paint pictures and make your own art gallery

71. Learn origami and make some fun animals

72. Show the kids classic films from your childhood

73. Have a pamper afternoon

74. Make smoothies

75. Make cards to send to grandparents and other people stuck at home

76. Grab all your biggest boxes and make a fort, a tractor, a car, what else?

77. Take imaginative play outdoors

78. Bake cookies

79. Set up a water play table outside

80. Make ice lollies

81. Role play being a vet, doctor, shop owner, chef, animal ranger etc

82. Make and draw out your family tree

83. Paint with fingers, hands or feet

84. Play hide and seek

85. Organise a birthday party for teddy, or have a Mad Hatter unbirthday party for everyone

86. Jigsaw puzzles

87. Write a story or make a book

88. Put the chairs together to play trains or buses

89. Make Easter crafts

90. Play in shaving foam - add food colouring and toy animals for fun

91. Have a newspaper snowball fight

92. Make stained glass windows

93. Play dominoes

94. Have a carpet picnic

95. Make a sock puppet

96. Make a video

97. Make these simple bird feeders and see who comes to your garden

98. Make and decorate paper aeroplanes or boats

99. Make bread

100. Play with bubbles

101. Make papier mache sculptures or a pinata and decorate

102. Compete to keep a balloon or ball up in the air the longest

103. Play party games like musical chairs, musical statues etc

104. Make superhero capes and play superheroes

105. Play pass the parcel

106. Put on a play or act out a traditional tale

107. Write a poem

108. Make a phone out of tin cans or yogurt pots and string

109. Build a bug hotel

110. Use old clothes and bits of fabric to make clothes for dolls and teddies

111. Learn some jokes

112. Wash the car

113. Have a tea party for teddies or dolls

114. Design your dream bedroom or house

115. Make nature art

116. Play outdoor games like Chase or Stuck in the Mud

117. Make jewellery

118. Print some holiday quotes and hotel details out to play travel agents

119. Play I Spy

120. Draw with chalk on the patio or path

121. Play with a garden parachute

122. Make soup

123. Make sand castles in your sand pit

124. Play hop scotch, elastics or skipping games

125. Make postcards to send to loved ones

126. Enter online competitions

127. Play with your pet

128. Make up your own board game

129. Find out about the history of your area and plan some visits

130. Learn a card game

131. Dance in the rain

132. Make your own newspaper

133. Go on a bug hunt

134. Play sharks - get around without touching the floor

135. Learn a magic trick

136. Practice your football skills

137. Freeze small toys in ice blocks then use tools and salt to melt it or excavate them

138. Make your own comic book

139. Learn some words from another language

140. Learn to juggle

141. Make a nature collage

142. Make a picture with stickers

143. Learn how to crochet

144. Go for a family nature walk and make a journey stick

145. Listen to a piece of music

146. Learn about a famous artist and paint or create in their style

147. Play rounders, tennis or croquet

148. Practice yoga

149. Explore a new country in books or online then make their food, listen to their music etc

150. Make clothes peg or wooden spoon dolls with fabric scraps, pens and craft bits

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