7 Easy Tips for Organising Your Children's Toys

Do you feel like it's never going to be possible to have a clean and tidy house with kids around?

As fast as you tidy up, they're busy pulling toys out behind you.

And by the end of the day your home is less show, and more plastic explosion.  What to do?

Here are 7 tips to organise your children's toys so your home is tidier, and everyone knows where everything is.

1. Define a Play Area

Where are your kids' toys?  If the answer is all over the house it's time to change things.

If you have a room you can use as a playroom, great.  Otherwise, it's time to set some rules on how your space is used.

Ideally, bedrooms are for sleeping and need to be clutter-free so minimise the toys on display there, maybe just to cuddlies and books, and keep the rest downstairs.

If you must have toys in the bedroom, use stylish underbed storage.

2. Max Out Storage

If you have one of those amazing houses with huge closets in bedrooms or hallways, invest in a comprehensive storage solution that will make organising toys and everything else a hundred times easier.

Having a simple shelving system installed will create infinite possibilities for organising your possessions effectively, and will make putting everything away out of sight at the end of the day so much easier.

Cue less stress, and a peaceful, relaxing environment to rest and sleep in.

If you are handy, make your own shelves etc, but there are lots of great storage solutions out there.

3. Borrow Ideas

Whatever you are trying to store, you can be sure someone has come up with a creative solution before now.

Check out Pinterest for some great toy storage ideas, for example ideas to store LEGO so you aren't continually treading on bits (ouch!) or art supplies to maximise your kids' creativity.

LEGO storage is an on-going issue for many of us - do you store by size, colour, shape, or in sets?

The debate continues...

In the meantime, this is the perfect solution to art supply storage.

No more hunting for the pens, paper, crayons, craft supplies etc, it's all there and accessible.

Brilliant idea, I am definitely borrowing that one!

4. Group Like with Like

This makes life SO much easier and means you don't have to search through a vast vat of assorted toys to find that special collection of Star Wars figures or favourite Frozen doll? 

That old adage of a place for everything and everything in its place is the perfect maxim for toy storage.

Group like with like and not only is there a greater chance of knowing where things are, but your home will be tidier too.

Multiple bins are your friend here and make tidying everything away so much easier for you and your child.

A storage bin for each type of toy, for example, a Duplo box, a Playmobil box, a Sylvanian Families box (or 3), whatever it is, will make finding toys and tidying up easier.

Whether you prefer clear plastic boxes so you can see what's where at a glance or more aesthetically pleasing fabric or woven boxes is down to personal preference of course.

For us a combination of the two works best, with fabric in the play area of the sitting room and clear plastic in the garage or storage spaces.

5. Be Creative

Tempting as it is to purchase a few big toy boxes and just throw everything in as fast as possible, taking some time to organise things properly is key.

So look away from the usual containers sold as toy boxes and start being creative with your storage solutions.

For example, you could repurpose these stackable kitchen storage bins for small dolls, soldiers or figures so kids can see at a glance who's where.

These pictures show how something as simple as a behind the door shoe storage hanger can be used for storing cuddlies, Barbies and more.

Lots of other great ideas over on this blog post.

With a bit of imagination, you can repurpose some of the items you already have at home, or pick up some inexpensive storage items and get creative.

I love this idea of using hanging wall planter baskets for cuddly plushies and teddies.

6. Teach Them to Tidy

When everything has its assigned place, and boxes are clearly designated for certain toys it makes it so much easier for children to tidy up.

Even the youngest child can help put the blocks back in the red box, Duplo in the green box and the rag dolls and cuddly animals in the blue box.

Start early and you will (hopefully!) instil the principle of tidying up for years to come.

Make it even more fun by providing fun storage like these house-shaped boxes which would be perfect for storing dolls and doll house furniture, or wooden blocks and a few peg dolls.

7. Consider Toy Rotation

If your kids have lots of toys consider practicing toy rotation, which essentially means putting the majority away either in a closet or the garage, and just having a few items available at a time.

You could work to themes such as animals or trains and just have out toys and books that meet your theme for that fortnight or month, or have a rota of toys which you rotate regularly.

This way the children will feel like they're getting new toys (the child equivalent of shopping your wardrobe!), you minimise clutter, and encourage them to value what they have and really explore and play with the few toys they have got out.

We did this when the girls were younger, and it worked really well.

I hope these simple tips will help you to get control of the toys taking over your home, creating a more ordered peaceful environment for everyone.

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