How to Dye Easter Eggs the Easy Way

Are you looking for an easy no mess way to dye eggs this Easter?  This simple trick uses Skittles candy to colour eggs in beautiful pastel shades, making perfect Easter eggs to hide around your garden or to use to decorate the house this spring.  We love the subtle colours and the fun, no mess activity perfect for kids of all ages.

How to Dye Easter Eggs the Easy Way - Using Skittles!

What’s Needed:

Hard boiled eggs
Skittles (Original & Wild Berry)
White vinegar
Hot Water
Plastic Cups


1. Place 25-30 skittles of each colour in separate cups.

2. Add one hard boiled egg to each cup.

3. Next add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to each cup.

4.  Then add as much hot water as needed to cover the egg in each cup.

5. Let sit for a few minutes, then mix with a spoon.

6. Let the eggs sit in the cups for 15 minutes, then take out and set on paper towels to dry.

7. Repeat. You can reuse the Skittle water for 1-2 more eggs.

Store in the fridge to enjoy at Easter!

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