3 Good Reasons to Take Your Kids to the Library this Summer

Looking for something fun and free to do this summer?  Head to your local library.  Doesn't sound exciting?  Have you been to your local library lately?  Not only is it a great source of books, perfect for summer reading, libraries have so much more to offer these days, and they can give you more things to do during the long summer holidays.

You already know it’s important to encourage your kids to read as much as possible during the summer to prevent summer slide.  It’s one of the best ways to ensure their minds stay active and that they retain more of what they've learned throughout the school year.  But getting the kids to actually sit down and read is another story.

Reading Challenge

But most libraries host summer reading challenges for kids of all (reading) ages.  Head on over to yours with the kids and get them signed up.  These challenges usually involve a reading log and the kids can win a small prize like a badge or certificate as they go along.  Many libraries will also host a party to kick off the event, and different events throughout the summer to get kids into reading.

Free Entertainment

Your local library may also be the location for some other fun and frugal entertainment.  Speak to the librarian or check their website to see what kinds of classes, activities, and performances your local branch offers during the summer.  Many offer various different activities for kids of all ages, such as storytelling, book readings and crafts.  You never know what you might be missing unless you check the calendar.

Read with Them

Take the kids and encourage them to pick out a new book or two on the way out.  Getting into the habit of reading daily and being curious about books and the information and imagination shared in them is one of the best gifts you can give your little ones.

Before you leave, explore everything else your library has to offer.  Most will let you rent DVDs and audiobooks in addition to regular books.

Take the kids and make the most of your library this summer.  There are so many resources and services your local library has to offer.

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