12 Gorgeous Painted Rock Ideas to Beautify Your Garden

I'm not sure who first had the idea to pick up a rock and paint it beautifully.

All I know is that I'm really glad the idea caught on the way it has!

The girls are always so happy when we happen upon someone's painted rock out in the world and grab it ti re-hide it.

It's like finding a random gift left behind by some magical being, put in your path just when you needed it the most.

Or something like that.

It certainly felt that way to find rainbow rocks during lockdown!

So, what could be better than to fill your garden with these little bits of treasure?

Below you'll find links for some really amazing painted rocks.

Some of these do require some serious artistic skill, but when it comes to painted stones, the whole point is to have fun expressing your creativity really.

So don't worry too much and get stuck in!

If you don't wwant to risk your painting skill, or you want to get the children involved in the decorating, these acrylic paint markers make the job much easier!

All of the projects listed below are perfect for adults and kids alike.

Children will love to share the fun with you, especially if you put them to work creating something fun like fairy doors or ladybirds!

12 Gorgeous Painted Rocks to Beautify Your Garden

One of the things I love most about painted rocks are that they are like little treasures in the garden.

And this is doubly true when you are talking about a rock painted like a fairy door.

So easy to tuck away in secret spots, this door is so magical you might really invite some fairies to live in your garden!

Our girls LOVE these!

This set of painted Tic Tac Toe stones is a great game to play in the garden.

After all, can you think of a better place to relax and play some games?

You can even make your own wooden board!

Imagine how delightful these cute little ladybird rocks will look in your garden.

Even one or two placed inside the pot of an indoor plant will brighten up the space with their friendly, inquisitive eyes!

When you see how cool and easy it is to make marbelised painted rocks, you'll want to make a bunch of them in a wide variety of colours.

The only problem is that if you do it right, no one will ever believe that these are actually painted!

Bees are always a welcome sight in the garden, as our flowers count on bees for pollination.

These sweet little painted bees are welcome, too.

With friendly smiles and sunny colours, they brighten up every area you place them in!

This little mouse looks so adorable with his friendly little face and little felt ears.

Best of all, he's happy to hang out in your garden without eating a thing.

And he might even scare away some of the critters that do want to eat your plants!

When you think of painted rocks, you might automatically think of ladybirds or inspiring words.

I bet you wouldn't think of hedgehogs!

But after you see how adorable these painted hedgehogs look, I bet you'll have to paint some for your garden!

These painted stones don't only look great in your garden, they can help you and your kids learn and tell stories about food.

The friendly little characters are adorable and ready to hang out with you and your kids any time!

Kindness Rocks With Kids

The Kindness Rocks Project is a really beautiful thing, spreading joy and love to all corners of the world.

But even if you just spread happy message around your garden for your family and friends to enjoy, you are doing your part to spread positive energy, too!

Have you ever considered giving some painted garden rocks as a gift?

When you see the beautiful painted rocks and awesome felt bag that holds them, you'll definitely be wanting to check out this tutorial for instruction and inspiration!

These painted stones are not simply bright and cheerful, they help you identify your new seedlings in your food garden.

That way, you'll find it easier to make sure each type of plant gets the exact care it needs.

These ladybug mandala rocks are super special.

They are so pretty and creating each one is a chance to spend time just losing yourself in the process of making dots - lots and lots of little dots.

And when you see how stunning the results are, you'll want to make many more!

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