How to Make a Fun Ladybird Sensory Bin for Kids

This Ladybug Sensory Bin will have your kids playing, exploring and learning with their hands.

Now that Spring is here, ladybird fever has arrived as well.

Give the kids a fun sensory activity that involves the cutest insect ever - the ladybird!

Sensory bins are such a great way to get kids active and engrossed in using their fine motor skills while working on their hand-eye coordination as well.

And as long as you fill-up the sensory bin with tons of cute ladybug toys and fun grass and objects that feel cool, you'll find that they'll want to play with it for hours!

How does a sensory bin encourage play?

There are so many reasons why sensory bins are great. 

Not only do they get the kids feeling with their hands but they also have them using their senses, too. 

As children's brains are developing, this is huge in helping them develop motor and memory skills!

The other great thing about sensory bins is that they can be used for so many fun ideas!

You could have them create a fun scene in the bin and tell an imaginative tale about what they have created.

How to Use Sensory Bins for Learning

Sensory bins are great for early learners (and older ones too!)

You can find out mroe about how sensory bins help with learning here.

You can have them count the ladybirds, too!

Ask your child to count how many ladybirds are in the sensory bin which is perfect for working on their numbers.

You can easily incorporate number bonds to 10 or 20, and some addition and subtraction too.

The Perfect Books to Pair with Your Ladybird Sensory Bin

We also love to read books about what we're playing with or use a sensory tub to introduce a new topic to the children.

So find yourself some great ladybird books that you and the kids can read together as well.

We love these ladybird learning books:

The more reading that you can do, the better the learning foundation you're setting for the kids!

Or how about these brilliant ladybird ideas they're sure to LOVE!

The perfect additions to your ladybird studies:

You could even get them wearing these super cute ladybird pyjamas or this fantastic ladybird dressing up costume while they read! (Buy in the UK)

You might also like to try these cute ladybird crafts for kids.

How to Make a Ladybug Sensory Bin for Kids

Have fun creating this fun Ladybug sensory bin!

It's a great way to get the kids excited about spring and summer and have them having fun with simple sensory play and activities as well.


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Sensory bin 
Artificial grass or fake moss (you could also use green shredded paper)
Small stones and/or rocks


1. Spread the grass, moss or shredded paper out into an even layer.

2. Place the plants, leaves, flowers, wood pieces or sticks, stones and/or rocks.

3. Add the ladybirds to the bin.

4. Encourage your child to explore the contents of the sensory bin and observe their interactions!

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