10 Cool Pool Party Float Toys You Need this Summer

Thinking of throwing a summer pool party this summer?

Whether it’s adults only, a kid’s party or a combination of both, the one thing you need to have is plenty of pool floats!

Sure, they might be used as an actual floatation device, but let’s face it they’re more about the fun really. 

The good news is that there are so many different kinds of floats now you have a wide range of choice. 

Whether you’re opting to go with a single theme for your party or you just want to find something that will make everyone laugh, you’re sure to find a great idea. 

Here are 10 different float ideas you need this summer!

10 Cool Pool Party Float Toys You Need this Summer

Everyone needs a little more avocado in their life.

Embrace that millennial stereotype when you’ve got a giant avocado floating in your pool.

You could even take it up a notch with an entirely avocado themed party!

Not only is this float cute it looks like it would make for great sunbathing as well.

This is another great float that would be perfect for a mermaid or ocean themed party. Grab these fun mermaid themed party printables to set the scene:

A simple flat float style you can probably fit a few people on this pineapple float - or at least have a good laugh trying!

The ultimate dinosaur for the ultimate pool party.

Get two of these giant Trex floats and have a dinosaur battle in your backyard!

The more traditional style ring float with a hole in the middle.

This shark float has an open mouth.

A JAWS themed party could be a fun idea, don’t you think?

This float is made for little ones in mind and is so cute.

Place them in the middle of their pirate battle ship and let them fire away using the attached water gun!

A sea turtle float is a cute and fun option for your pool party.

Of course, staying on is always the hard part!

We can’t promise someone won’t grab onto the legs to get you off.

Having a toga or Greek themed party?

Then you need to have Pegasus to join in on the fun!

This giant float can hold two adults and is perfect for a large pool - or even better a lake! 

Grab onto the long neck of this giraffe float when you get on!

A super cute idea for a kids party but we’re sure adults will love it too.

These aren’t human floats but are made to float your drinks around the pool!

You have to admit having floating dragons is a pretty cool party trick! 

Now you just need to plan the rest of your fun pool party!

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