Best Exercises to Do with Kids

Some children never stop moving and thrive off exercise, but others will take a little more convincing. 

If you’ve been struggling to get your kids to pick up healthier habits, then doing activities together could be the answer. But this is often easier said than done.

Read on for our pick of the best exercises to do with kids.

While you might be perfectly happy to book a session with a trainer or head to the gym, your kids are a different story.

Children have very different needs to adults, so it’s time to get creative with the kinds of exercises you do. Here are some to get started with:

Bike rides

Every child should learn how to ride a bicycle.

In fact, graduating from stabilisers to two wheels is one of the peak moments of many people’s childhoods.

Why not take simply learning how to ride a bike one step further and make it a lifelong passion. 

Mountain biking is incredibly rewarding and can lead to some unforgettable family holidays if your kids take to it.

Not only will your children be getting fitter, but they’ll be out in the fresh air and taking in the scenery. 

Alternatively, if riding up in the hills is too much for you little ones, take the bikes out to the coast and ride along a flatter terrain while enjoying the sea views.


A childhood classic, most children jump at the chance to play tag and, coincidently, it involves a lot of running.

If you don’t often get involved with these kinds of games, now’s your chance to change that.

Even if your children don’t play tag often, the game will soon become interesting when you decide to play along.

To make things even more interesting, go to a local park and find a big field where you can set up the game.

Invite some friends with children along to make it even more fun.


What child doesn’t love bobbing their head along to music?

If school discos are anything to go on, then dancing is a great way for children to move their bodies and get their hearts pumping.

Whether you decide to play musical statues, have a dancing competition or simply get out a disco ball and dance in the living room, your kids will be sure to join in.

Make sure you choose upbeat songs and tunes that they’ll have heard before, such as those from popular cartoons.


Most children enjoy high-energy activities, so yoga might not immediately spring to mind.

However, there are lots of yoga teachers who cater to children in particular and make interesting stories out of all the different positions.

Children are sure to be engaged and it will help them to have a moment of mindfulness in their day. 

Yoga could become an important part of your child’s life, helping them to progress into adolescence feeling more centred and surer of themselves.

Plus, they’ll get to bend themselves into some impressive shapes and improve their flexibility and mobility.

More ideas to boost kids fitness:

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