20 of the Best Dragon Craft Ideas For Kids to Make

There are certain creatures, especially mythical ones, that kids just love, and dragons are at the top of that list.

It doesn't matter if they are large or small, Western or Chinese style.

All that matters is that dragons are super cool and these fun dragon crafts kids can make are the coolest!

Whether they are makign them for a fire project, for a fun activity of for Chinese New Year, these easy to make dragon craft ideas are perfect.

The dragons on this list of crafts are even cooler because kids can make these dragons themselves. 

Some are made from recycled bits of trash like toilet paper rolls and egg cartons.

And some of these dragons need some art supplies to really make them stand out.

A few are so simple, all you need is to print them up and stand back while your kids colour or paint them.

But each one of these dragons is destined to be your child's new best friend.

And no need to worry abotut these fierce-looking dragons burning down your house!

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20 of the Best Dragon Craft Ideas For Kids to Make

With this free printable, kids can make this amazing articulated dragon puppet.

Simply add two sticks so your hands can bring this friendly dragon to life for lots of fun!

This fire breathing dragon is too cute!

It makes great use of an old toilet paper tube, pom poms, and tissue paper to make a dragon that is all about personality.

Best of all, when you blow through the tube, his flames come to life!

This adorable dragon craft is made from half a paper plate.

Kids can add eyes and some long, colourful flames drawn on black paper with chalk to create a fierce dragon ready for play!

Dragons may be the last thing you think of when you see cupcake liners, but once you see how cool this dragon looks, you'll never look at cupcake liners the same way again!

This adorable picture of a dragon face is so easy to paint, even the little ones can have a great time. 

Simply print up the big dragon face and set the kids up with cotton buds (Q-tips in the states) and paint. 

With every dot of colour, they will bring their friendly dragon to life!

This dragon craft gives your kids the opportunity to actually BE the dragon, because this craft is a mask.

It's also easy for parents since all you have to do is print it up and set the kids loose decorating it.

And once their mask is created, the fun is just beginning!

If you and your kids enjoy the How to Train Your Dragon movies, you will love this super cute "Toothless" puppet.

The best thing about it is that this Toothless is something your kids can make from art supplies you probably already have at home.

This Toothless puppet wants to be your new best friend!

One of the easiest kid crafts in this list, this dragon puppet is another printable.

Easy to colour and assemble, this dragon comes to life in your child's hands and opens his mouth in a huge roar.

Approach with caution, just in case he can breathe fire too!

This is one cool dragon craft your kids can also learn from.

The dragon is made from a wide-mouth plastic bottle, cardstock, and googly eyes.

Once complete, your dragon is ready for science.

Kids will love seeing what baking soda does when combined with vinegar, and you'll love seeing the looks on their faces when that foam starts growing and flowing!

More science experiment ideas:

Using a sock, a bit of felt, and some glue, your kids can create this friendly dragon sock puppet.

Even without sewing a stitch, your kids will have a creation to be proud of - and a new best friend!

Made from paper egg cartons and some paint, your kids can make their very own Chinese dragons. 

Whip these up for Chinese New Year or simply because they are cool and fun!

Another dragon made from egg cartons, this craft is a little more involved than the ones above which makes them more fun for older kids.

Gather all your craft supplies and let the kids go to work creating their new dragon friends!

This fire breathing dragon craft is made from wooden popsicle sticks.

Paper eyes and ears and curling ribbon flames complete your fierce dragons so they will be ready to play and protect you from danger.

These super creative dragons are made from a paper plate, but you'd never know it to look at them. 

Creative cutting, gluing, and coloring bring your little dragons to life.

Kids will want to introduce their new dragon friends to everyone they know!

Using paper towel tubes, paint, and other craft supplies, your kids can create a new dragon friend.

With some bright red paint, googly eyes, and paper flowers, your dragon is all dressed up and ready to celebrate Chinese New Year.

This wonderful dragon craft template makes an amazing card.

The friendly Chinese style dragon opens his mouth when the card is open, and his friendly eyes let you know it is time to party for New Year!

Another creative dragon puppet, this cute friend is made with egg boxes painted red, fabric, and googly eyes.

Kids will love putting their new friend together and they'll love playing with him even more!

Kids have been making paper chains since paper has existed, but did you ever think of making a dragon out of a paper chain?

These wonderful Chinese New Year dragons are super flexible for play because their bodies are made of giant, colourful paper chains.

So simple, easy, and creative!

A simpler version of a toilet paper tube dragon, this sweet dragon friend is so easy to make and fun to play with.

With a touch of imagination, your little dragon is happy to play in every way!

This sweet Chinese dragon puppet is made from recycled materials.

Toilet paper rolls and paper egg cartons look so much better painted and put together in the form of this friendly dragon.

Your kids will love playing with him for Chinese New Year!

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