15 Super Cool Kid Crafts to Make from Egg Cartons

Do you want some fun crafts for your kids to make at home?

Or are you wondering what to do with that pile of egg cartons you have at home?

Read on for some brilliant fun crafts kids can make from egg cartons.

Recycling + having fun + amazing creations? Yes!

Unless you keep your own chickens for eggs, the chances are good that you buy your eggs at the market in those nifty little shaped cartons.

Thankfully, those cardboard cartons are recyclable, but they are also a great craft supply to have on hand for the kids.

And just wait until you see the amazing things that you can make with them - lots of thrilling creatures that your kids will love!

There are some wonderful underwater creatures on this list.

Goldfish, whales, and jellyfish all wait to play with your kids.

If they are more into the mythological, there is an awesome dragon to make.

And if bugs are more of an interest, just wait until you see the honey bees, ants, and ladybugs your kids can make!

I think my personal favourites are the lovely flowers and cute little penguins and chicks.

These crafts are so cute that they are a great way to decorate the house for special occasions, too.

I hope these egg carton crafts inspire you to come up with a few ideas of your own.

If so, I hope you'll share your creation over on our Facebook page so I can see it too!

20 Super Cool Kid Crafts to Make from Egg Cartons

These little chicks made from egg cartons are so adorable.

Tiny and colourful, their little construction paper mouths are open so wide, you can almost hear them chirp.

These little cuties are ready to play!

I've never looked at egg cartons and thought "birds" but these little penguins are another completely adorable bird come to life, all from an egg carton cup.

Add little feet, his tuxedo front, little yellow bill, and googly eyes, and these little penguins look so real, they may just start waddling across the table.

Creatures made from egg cartons can't help but be super cute.

And that's true even when they are monsters!

These sweet little creatures might be trying to look scary, but they can't quite pull it off.

Your kids will have a lot of fun trying to make the scariest creatures they can, though, and you'll have fun watching!

Whether you are celebrating Earth Day, Arbor Day, or simply encouraging kids to make the tree of their dreams, this tree craft made from recycled egg cartons is really wonderful.

Kids paint their tree trunk before covering the top with egg carton leaves.

The little birds added to the leaves really bring this tree to life!

It's amazing what can happen when you paint stripes on a couple of egg carton cups, carve out the bottoms so you can see through them, and use them to make a slick pair of glasses.

When kids create these special glasses, they become magical, allowing your kids to see all kinds of secret things with their super-secret spy glasses!

If your kids love ladybirds, they will have great fun creating their own little ladybug friends with some recycled egg cartons.

The black pom pom head is topped with pipe cleaner antennas and little googly eyes so your ladybug can see where she is going.

After all, ladybirds are busy!

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I can't quite get over how cute these little egg carton gold fish are.

Using tissue paper for fins and tail, a pipe cleaner for a mouth, and little pom poms for eyes, these fish are so adorable.

They look so real, you expect to see them swimming across the table.

What a fun craft for kids who love fish!

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Goldfish aren't the only underwater creatures you can make with egg cartons.

These little jellyfish are quite wonderful, too.

Their bodies are made with egg carton cups and their tendrils are made with beads.

Their little googly eyes let you know that they really aren't scary at all, just a little misunderstood!

Egg cartons also make wonderful friendly little whales with just a little light blue paint, googly eyes, and a bit of cardstock for fins, etc.

With all these little underwater creatures, your kids could have a whole aquarium of friendly egg carton fish to play with!

This is one egg carton craft that kids can make for mama.

Track down a nice fallen branch for the base and add cut and painted egg carton flowers to make a truly lovely decoration mum can stick in a vase or hang on the wall.

To look at it, you'd never believe something this pretty was made with egg cartons!

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Egg carton cups also make wonderful building blocks.

Cut them out carefully and paint them all kinds of bright and pretty colours.

These little building blocks stack easily for little hands and are a lot of fun to play with long after the crafting is done!

This egg carton train is simply amazing.

The little cups make excellent cars, and one is a lovely chimney when attached to a toilet paper roll

The little train cars are all attached together by pretty red ribbons and they have bright and shiny white wheels.

This train is fueled by imagination and ready to carry your child to all kinds of magical destinations!

Got a train lover at home? Check out our gift guide for kids who love trains

Some kids are much more into minibeasts and creepy crawlys than cute little animals.

If you have kids that like bugs and insects, these sweet little bees and ants are a great kid craft.

The ants have long spindly legs and look so real you can almost imagine them going after your picnic lunch!

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This is one of the prettiest egg carton crafts I found.

Bright and colourful flowers bloom upon a sheet of paper.

All it takes to make them are some craft supplies - egg carton cups, cupcake sheets, buttons, straws, and a nice serving of imagination.

These kid-crafted flowers are a lovely gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, and other special occasions, or simply because your kids love flowers!

This little dragon looks like he just wants to play.

He breathes tissue paper fire, and his gold horns are bent ever so jauntily.

But what really makes him friendly are his cute little googly eyes and winning expression.

This dragon creation is the ultimate friend and when he comes to life, he just might take you for a ride!

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