How to Make a Cute Raya and the Last Dragon Bookmark

Have you seen Disney's new movie Raya and the Last Dragon yet?

The girls have been watching it a few times on Disney+ recently and love the cute dragon, Sisu.

If you are looking for a fun craft for your kids to make, check out this adorable Last Dragon Sisu bookmark.

This fun Disney-inspired paper craft is easy for kids of all ages to make with the template provided and will be the perfect companion to their reading adventures.

Kids could even make some extra bookmarks up to send to friends or cousins.

You could even add a copy of this Raya and the Last Dragon book to the package (we love these Little Golden Books!)

How can I use this Raya paper craft activity?

And if you are planning a party or BBQ this summer - your kid's birthday or just because! - why not have this fun Raya craft activity as the entertainment?

Just cut all the pieces out in advance or have them drawnout ready for cutting, then let the children loose putting them together.

They'll love making Sisu and you'll have an easy activity to keep the kids busy between sipping pop and racing around!


A Raya and the Last Dragon party theme sounds super fun to me!

Raya and the Last Dragon

Kids of all ages (1-99!) love Disney movies and each new film is met with anticipationa and excitement.

Children want to play with the toys, be the characters and get all the fun merchandise.

Here are four of our favourite Raya and the Last dragon toys and gifts:

How to Make Raya and the Last Dragon Bookmark Craft

Follow these step by step instructions to make your own Raya and the Last Dragon bookmark craft.

You will need to print out our free template first.


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Purple, blue and pink coloured craft papers
Glue stick
Sharpie or marker pens (black and blue)


1. Select different shades of coloiured paper for the dragon bookmark craft.

You will need purple, pink and three shades of blue (light, mid and dark) to make Sisu.

2. Trace the body base and leg patterns onto the blue paper, the tail fin onto the pink paper, tail scales and hair onto the purple paper, horn onto a dark blue paper and the head onto the light blue paper.

3. Cut out the traced patterns neatly.

4. Attach the head cutout near to the top of the hair cutout.

5. Use a Sharpie to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the dragon.

You could also add the nose detail in blue as I have below.

6. Attach the horn to the top middle part of the head.

7. Attach the tail fin onto the narrow end of the body base and the tail scales along the top of the tail pattern, adjacent to the tail fin.

8. Attach the 2 leg cutouts near the top side of the body base, keeping about an inch space from the top.

If you use just a dab of glue at the top of the legs they will sit over the page of the book when dry.

9. Glue the head and hair part on to the top 1 inch part of the body base and then attach the remaining 2 legs near the bottom side of the body base pattern.

And you're done! Leave the bookmark to dry thoroughly before adding Sisu to your favourite story - or playing with her!

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