How to Make a Frozen Inspired Snowflake Sensory Bottle for Kids

This Frozen-inspired snowflake sensory bottle is so much sensory fun for kids!

If you're looking for a simple sensory activity that is really fun for a wide variety of ages, you're not going to want to miss out on this!

Maybe it's because I'm crafty, maybe it's because I'm frugal.

Or maybe I just really enjoy the bonding time with the kids of being able to create something and turn it around and use it as well.

(The last one is totally true! and a little bit of the first!)

So when I knew that we could easily make our own Frozen-inspired winter sensory bottle, I couldn't wait to gather up the supplies to get started!

Especially with three little Disney Frozen movie fans in the house!

Just look at those colours, don't they remind you of Elsa's beautiful gowns?

Not to mention "the swirling storm inside" ...

Winter Snowflake Sensory Bottle

Have I mentioned that I love winter crafts? This sensory bottle DIY is really fun to make.

And what I really enjoy about it is that once it's made, we can literally pack it up and take it with us anywhere we go.

The girls, especially Lara, love to use it and play with it in the car when we're travelling.

I find it such a great way to help them calm down when they're feeling a bit anxious or restless at home, too. (Plenty of that this year!)

And let's not forget that glue and glitter can somehow just make everything that much better as well!

(Until it's stuck all over the floor but that's a whole different story!)

The Importance of Sensory Play 

Sensory activities are an important part of your child's development and should be encouraged daily.

When you can turn a sensory activity into a fun crafting activity, you won't have any issues with your kids joining in on all the fun!

Get ready to have little hands helping out with this activity because they're going to be so excited to start playing with it!

How to Make a Frozen Inspired Sensory Bottle


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Strong bottle with a secure lid (we love these bottles)
5 oz. bottle of Elmer’s clear glue (buy in the UK)
Optional: tape or glue to secure the lid


1. Pour the glue into the sensory bottle.

2. Add the snowflakes, desired amount of glitter, sequins, and fishbowl beads.

3. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water.

4. Use tape or glue to secure the lid and you're done.

5. Shake the contents of the bottle around until the contents of the bottle move around slowly and freely.

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