How to Make an Autumn Leaves Sensory Bottle

Autumn is such a wonderful time for the senses, with delicious smells in the air, leaves to kick through and throw in the air, and the sights and sounds of nature everywhere.

Capture the essence of autumn in this falling leaves sensory bottle that kids will love.

Read on to find out how make an autumn leaves sensory bottle.

Why is sensory play important for kids?

Sensory play is great for kids brain development as it sparks curiosity, gets them involved on many levels, helps develop their senses, encourages expressive language, and helps develop kids creativity and exploration of the world around them.

What are sensory bottles for?

Sensory bottles are a great calming aid for kids, especially children with autism and other processing disorders.  Also called discovery bottles or calm down jars, a sensory bottle is simply a clear container filled with liquid and small objects.

Why are sensory bottles important?

The mesmerising effect of sensory bottles is very therapeutic and can engage children in activating their senses. As little hands spin, twist and turn the bottle, the contents swirl around offering a calming effect.

How do sensory bottles help kids calm down?

Kids will love to twist and turn these beautiful bottles to see the brightly coloured autumn leaves swirl and fall through the liquid. Can they keep the leaves in motion?

With this autumn leaves sensory bottle it's like bringing autumn indoors. Children will love to relate their sensory play to the outdoors and enjoy seeing the swirling, twirling fall leaves.

How do sensory bottles help?

Sensory bottles are perfect as a calming aid when kids get over-excited or upset, or if they want to have a time-in with you to self-regulate.

You may even want to create a calm down corner with some sensory play activities, a few sensory bottles and some calming books to read or look through.

How to Make an Autumn Leaves Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are really easy to make and many kids will love to help you make one, or just present it as a gift.

Here's how to make a sensory fall bottle for kids.


Here are all the materials you'll need:


1. Fill your bottle about halfway up with the glue.

2. Add the confetti leaves. You could definitely get the kids to do this part! It's a great exercise for their fine motor skills.

I like to add a few green leaves as well as the yellow, orange and red ones to give a real fall effect, but this is optional. I've seen other people add a little gold glitter to the bottle too which is fun!

3. Fill the remainder of the bottle up with water until nearly the top. You will need to leave some space for movement.

4. Tighten the lid up. You may also wish to secure the lid with some duct tape or super glue* if you have little hands eager to open it!

5. Shake the bottle up until all the contents move around freely.

* Before you glue the bottle closed, check that the leaves move freely. If you want them to move more slowly, add a little more clear glue or some corn syrup. If you want them to move more freely, pour some of the liquid out and add more water.

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