Fun and Super Easy Fallen Leaves Craft for Kids to Make

This easy fallen leaves craft for kids is great fun to do, and it will look great on your wall to make your home feel more festive this autumn season. This simple fall craft is suitable for children of all ages, and even adults will have fun with this one. Plus it will look great on your wall after you've made it!

This fun craft idea captures the essence of beautiful falling autumn leaves in shades of red, orange and yellow. You should be able to source some really lovely colours of paper at this time of year, so shop around.

This is such a fun fall craft for little hands!

Preschool kids will love making the different coloured leaves with a hole punch, while toddlers may need some help with the making but will love sprinkling the leaves all over the art work!

Older kids will enjoy the whole process and will want to put their own take on decorating the tree and ground with leaves.

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Before making this cute fall craft, take your children out for a walk to look at the trees, fallen leaves and changing colours. Pick up some leaves and really look at the colours and shapes, identify some of the trees and take time to talk about what happens to the trees in autumn and why the leaves fall.

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Fun and Super Easy Fallen Leaves Craft for Kids to Make


Here are all the materials you'll need:

1. Practice drawing a tree on scrap paper. When you are happy, cut the best one out as a template and use it as a stencil to lightly sketch a tree outline on your art paper or canvas.

2. Go over the sketched outline with marker pen, then fill in the trunk and branches with the brown pen.

3. Use a hole punch to make ‘leaves’ using red, green, yellow and orange card stock or construction paper.

4. Spread clear glue on the ground under the tree and among the branches.

5. Sprinkle the punched out circle 'leaves' onto the paper or canvas to create the look of fallen leaves.

6. Display your finished craft!

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