20 of the Best Books about Autumn and the Fall for Kids

Can you believe it's autumn already?! Season of windy days, falling leaves, apples, pumpkins, bonfires and wrapping up warm. Isn't it a wonderful time of year! To help you and your children make the most of autumn, I have rounded up a list of our favourite fall books for kids for you. Great for welcoming the autumn festivities this year and making the most of the season!

Autumn, fall, whatever you call this time of year, it's a great time to have lots of fun family walks and adventures, make fun fall crafts for kids and enjoy cosying up at home.

Between leaves falling from trees, picking apples, watching football games or wildlife, and hunting down last year's scarves and mittens, there’s a reason so many of us love this time of year. What better time to grab some new books to snuggle up with together to welcome this time of year?

Kids will love learning all about the different aspects of fall, and you'll see them re-enacting what they've read about on your next trip out to kick leaves and make some nature art.

I’ve done my best to include a variety of books for a range of age groups. Many are perfect for homeschooling lessons too if you're using an autumn theme in your home education this season, or just want some ideas for your nature table.

Whether you want to explain autumn to a toddler, talk to older kids about why trees lose their leaves in fall or just encourage their imagination, we have the perfect autumn books for you. Ready to check out these books for kids about fall? Let’s get to it!

The BEST Fall Books for Kids

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

A book to treasure as the fall season is upon us! Follow the leaf man as he goes where the wind does. Features creative illustrations, beautiful poetry, and a great story. Kids will be inspired to go on their own autumn adventures!

Explore the change of seasons with this book as we follow a young girl through the forest. Kids will learn about all the signs that autumn is on its way as we learn the conversations with flowers, creatures, and more. Such a beautiful way to start welcoming in the fall season!

A spin off from the fun classic - this story is such a cute introduction to fall! Kids are sure to get quite a few giggles as the old lady swallows lots of fall items!

Little ones will love to learn about fall with this fun book! Leaves of all colours and textures accompanied by a sweet little mouse to love.

Fall is finally here with leaves changing colours, apple picking, the fall festival and more. Kids will love this book welcoming autumn into season!

It’s fall harvest time for the Berenstain Bears! It’s the first ever harvest festival where family and friends gather to welcome autumn and all the delicious foods harvest brings.

Follow the farm animals as a leaf blows into the barn! Little ones are sure to get a few giggles out of this story perfect for autumn.

Peppa is heading outside to play! In this story, every little one's favourite pig has fun enjoying the crisp autumn air and jumping in a pile of leaves! Such a cute fall story for kids.

Leaves come in so many colours, shapes, and sizes. In this story, we go on a walk through the forest to collect all kinds of different leaves! Read this then head out on your own fun leaf hunt.

This little girl is in awe of the fall season. In this cute story, we watch as she picks apples and searches for the perfect pumpkin this autumn.

If you’re looking for the ultimate book to get excited about fall, this is the one. In this book, kids can explore all the awesome parts of autumn, learning about harvest, animals, leaves, thanksgiving and so much more.

A story of fall featuring a cute little bear experiencing his first fall season. He adventures around starting with leaves falling from the trees and ends up taking a long nap. See what else he does with his day in this sweet story!

Such a cute and sweet story for little ones to understand autumn. Beautiful illustrations on every page of this delightful story showcase the beauty and wonder of the fall season.

Perfect cute story for little ones to welcome the start of fall. The illustrations are gorgeous and introduce a great lesson alongside the life cycle of an oak tree from a tiny acorn.

This busy little squirrel has lots to do to prepare for winter! Follow along as he puts off spending time with other creatures. Learn about the different aspects of fall with this cute story.

An autumn-themed story about friendship featuring some sweet little creatures. Sturdy pages and bright illustrations make this a great book for little hands, too.

A cute story about fall, friendship, and teamwork. We meet Mac and Fred, who are both tractors setting out to work together to get their chores done and have a fun harvest festival.

A grandpa and granddaughter spend some time picking apples together. Perfect for entering the fall season right before doing some apple picking yourself!

Apple picking is such a fun part of fall, don’t you think? Join Pinkalicious as she gets home from harvest and must find ways to share lots of apples. A great story about sharing, too!

There is nothing that will get your family more excited about fall than actual, real, beautiful photographs. This books shows what fall truly looks like and is a book to treasure!

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