How to Make the Most of Autumn: 100 Fun Autumn Bucket List Ideas to Try

Autumn is one of those seasons that creep up slowly, appearing as if by magic as the days shorten and the weather cools.  Autumn is one of the best times of year to get outside to enjoy the seasonal sights and changes in nature so don't let these precious autumn days slip away while you stay indoors.  Get out there for lots of family fun and to have some real adventures.

Here are 100 ideas for your fall bucket list to help you make the most of autumn.

1. Make a nature table or some seasonal decorations from conkers, leaves and acorns

2. Invest in an Instant Pot and learn how to use it

3. Gaze at the moon - it's International Observe the Moon Night on 5th October, find a local event

4. Decorate your house with fairy lights (I've bought these ones)

5. Collect colourful berries and leaves, then try to match their colours for painting

6. Go on a long bike ride - here's how to teach your child to ride a bike

7. Eat toffee apples - you could even make your own

8. Climb a tree

9. Attend a Guy Fawkes event

10. Pick apples at a pick your own farm, find one near you

11. Try geocaching

12. Make apple cake, this spiced apple cake recipe is the boss!

13. Go on a long walk or hike, check out these safety tips first

14. Do a nature scavenger hunt (we love these cards for impromptu hunts)

15. Make a leaf collage

16. Have a BBQ or make a campfire in the woods

17. Take sketch books or nature journals out and draw some trees, leaves and birds you see

18. Attend family harvest festival at church

19. Create a fairy garden with your kids

20. Drink apple cider (or juice for the little ones)

21. Make hot chocolate with marshmallows

22. Put a hedgehog home in your garden or do these things to invite wildlife into your garden

23. Visit a farmer's market

24. Pick plums and make this delicious plum jam recipe

25. Make your home cosy with throws, cushions and blankets (I'm seriously coveting this throw blanket right now)

26. Bake brownies or carrot cake - or both!  These butterscotch walnut blondies are delicious>)

27. Start a gratitude journal (this 6 minute journal is life changing)

28. Collect old family recipes from your mum and grandma into a book

29. Find opportunities to volunteer your time

30. Clear out your cupboards and have a declutter (gorgeous new kitchen storage anyone?)

31. Cook with autumn vegetables

32. Visit a circus or fair when it comes to a town or village near you

33. Make a huge jigsaw puzzle together - you'll need one of these to keep it together!

34. Bake leaf-shaped cookies (these cutters are the best)

35. Watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

36. Go foraging for apples, blackberries, plums, damsons, sloes and hazelnuts

37. Make delicious autumn comfort food

38. Buy roasted chestnuts from a street seller

39. Watch a new TV drama or catch up on a great series on Netflix or Amazon Prime

40. Jump in puddles

41. Roast pumpkin seeds

42. Plant spring bulbs (find the best bulbs here)

43. Make a scarecrow

44. Walk through a forest or arboretum, check our list of the best places to visit in the UK in autumn

45. Create fireworks pictures

46. Choose new season clothes in bright autumnal colours

47. Ask children to clear out their old toys ready for Christmas

48. Make a seasonal root vegetable soup or this healthy soup recipe

49. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a meal and what you're thankful for (even if you're not American)

50. Make a thankful tree

51. Bake a pie - sweet or savoury, try this delicious vegan leek and mushroom pie recipe

52. Go to the beach

53. Make autumnal arts and crafts

54. Visit the library for autumn-inspired books

55. Play Pooh sticks

56. Make home-made Christmas gifts

57. Listen to Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: Autumn

58. Go to a football match

59. Join English Heritage or the National Trust and visit somewhere new every weekend

60. Kick and stomp through leaves

61. Attend a local Christmas lights switch on

62. Read one of these books that are perfect for cosying up with in autumn

63. Go on scavenger hunt looking for certain colours or shapes in nature

64. Make lanterns by pasting torn up tissue paper squares on jam jars and placing an LED tea light inside

65. Take the kids shopping to buy donations for your local food bank

66. Pop on your woollies and go camping (stock up on thermals before you go!)

67. Visit a pottery centre and make something for yourselves or as a gift

68. Buy a new notebook and start journalling

69. Go on a walk with an expert forager to pick mushrooms

70. Practice self care every day to guard against the winter blues

71. Play conkers

72. Get up early and head to somewhere high up to watch the sunrise

73. Snuggle up and watch some retro kids TV like Mr Benn, The Flumps and Bagpuss

74. Celebrate Diwali

75. Plan a day trip somewhere new, here are the best places to visit in the UK in autumn

76. Visit the woods or a forest at dusk to look for bats, foxes and badgers

77. Build a blanket fort

78. Head out on a crisp but sunny day to have a picnic

79. Plan a trip to a Christmas market in the UK or one of the best festive markets in Europe

80. Visit a pumpkin patch

81. Start your Christmas planning and shopping early so you cab enjoy December

82. Have a family photo shoot amongst the colourful trees and leaves

83. Create Remembrance Day crafts and learn about its meaning

84. Get your best board games out and have a family games night marathon

85. Try one off the new seasonal drinks at your favourite coffee shop

86. Watch migrating birds arriving at your local WWT or RSPB site

87. Set up a tub and do some apple bobbing

88. Climb a big hill

89. Make a summer scrapbook or gorgeous photo album to preserve your memories - and plan an autumn one too!

90. Bake with cinnamon, this apple cinnamon crumble cake recipe is popular

91. Make blackberry vodka or sloe gin

92. Wrap up, lie outside and watch the stars and planets - the Transit of Mercury on 11th November will be spectacular ( I love these gorgeous recycled wool blanket rugs)

93. Visit a castle, these are some of our favourite castles in England

94. Visit a local town you've not been to before

95. Learn to knit or crochet, or buy a sewing machine (this one is on my wish list)

96. Have a family movie day on a rainy day

97. Do some science experiments at home

98. Learn about the history of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

99. Start batch cooking for a super organised autumn full of tasty food

100. Create your Christmas bucket list!

Ready to make your autumn bucket list?  Enjoy every minute of the crisp autumn season with these fun family activities.

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