50 Easy Ways to Practice Self-care

Amid the maelstrom of family life, juggling work, kids, family, friends, relationship, thinking about ourselves comes at the end of a very long list.  But recently I have learnt the hard way that being the best mum and wife I can be means taking care of myself first.  Your own wellbeing is vital before you can help anyone else.  Read on for 50 ways to practice self-care and how to make self-care a daily habit.

Where do we all go wrong?  For me, a long working holiday which involved driving 1200 miles and taking hundreds of photos, plus lots of late nights before and after getting content and social media scheduled and other work done.  In the end I was frazzled beyond belief, snappy, grumpy and stressed.  Not good.

But simple steps, just a few minutes several times a day, are bringing me back to my better self.  I'm even managing to eradicate those inevitable mummy feelings of guilt when I take time for myself, with reminders that it benefits all of us more.  So here's what works for me, I hope they help you practise some self-care too.

1. Get outside for as long as you can.  15 minutes minimum!

2. Plan a longer time in nature for when you have more time, e.g. the weekend.

3. Ditch the sunscreen when the sun shines and get outside for 15 minutes with your arms and face exposed to get some vitamin D.

4. Watch a funny film or TV series, or go to a comedy club with friends.

5. Visit a spa for a day or an afternoon.  (Start with these great offers on London spas.)

6. Put exercise in your diary and stick to it like you would a meeting.

7. Sign up for a yoga or Pilates class.

8. Decide on your next big plan and write down some baby steps that will take you towards your goal.  Aim to achieve 3 a week.

9. Avoid energy-sappers like social media, the TV, people who bring you down.

10. Buy some flowers.

11. Add a new healthy eating habit each week.

12. De-clutter one drawer, shelf or space each day.

13. Clear out 3 things you don't need, want or like each day.

14. Take a long, hot bath.

15. Decide to give up worrying, at least for today.

16. Spend time with positive people and avoid those whose energy depletes yours.

17. Sign up to a class, buy a book or take an online course to learn something new.

18. Turn tech off for at least an hour before bed.

19. Go to bed earlier every night for a week.

20. Drink more water.

21. Plan a holiday, in the UK or abroad, and start saving for it.

22. Visit a chiropractor.

23. Turn your phone/laptop off for 30 minutes, an hour, an afternoon, a day and do something more interesting and worthwhile, or just get on with your day.

24. Make a list of new places to visit and do this year.

25. Visit one new place this week. A new town, a new woodland, a new beach.

26. Start a gratitude journal and note the things you are grateful for each day.

27. Avoid gossip or negative talk.

28. Plan ahead for fun activities with your kids, partner, friends.  Put them in the diary now and stick to them.

29. Use your best plates today or wear your best shoes.  Enjoy now.

30. Daydream, cloud watch, look at the stars.

31. Take a multi-vitamin or research which herbs will help you.

32. Take your morning tea or coffee out into the garden or just sit and look out the window.

33. Write down the things you have achieved and the things you are good at.

34. Meditate.

35. Read every day, a chapter a day or 15 minutes before bed every night.

36. Get into the habit of planning your day the night before.

37. Cook something new and sit round the table with your family to enjoy it.

38. Let someone in front of you in the queue, or pay for the person behind you's coffee.

39. Meal plan for the next week and aim to eat a rainbow of fruit and veg every day.

40. Eat 2 or more portions of fruit at breakfast to get a head start on your 5 a day.

41. Learn to say no.  If you don't really want to do something, or want to help the person asking, say no.

42. Plan a beautiful picnic with wonderful food, drink and perfect accessories.

43. Put on some music and dance.

44. Stretch and breathe deeply.

45. Write a journal.

46. Phone a friend.

47. Play with your children.

48. Bake a cake.

49. Spend time with your pet.

50. Go for a walk or a run.

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