Super Cute Princess Mulan Paper Craft Doll for Kids to Make

Do you have Mulan fans in the house?

Then this Princess Mulan Papercraft is the perfect craft for kids to make at home!

Not only is this a fun and simple craft that the kids will love doing, they can then use their imagination to play with it as well.

And when you can combine the process of learning and play, you know you're on to a winner!

Princess Mulan Paper Craft

We're big fans of Disney princesses in our house, especially the tougher ones like Rapunzel and Mulan.

So much so that we've probably watched all the movies, seen all the shows, and made the majority of the crafts.

Our girls all have their favourites: Sophia adores Snow White, Tatiana is Jasmine-obsessed and Lara loves Mulan.

So she really enjoyed making this fun Mulan craft

Making their own Disney Princess to play with is such a fun activity for kids, and they will be very excited if Hua Mulan is one of their favourites.

And if you really want to ramp up the excitement for this simple paper craft, put the Mulan movie on and pop some popcorn as well to go along with the craft.

The kids will love having their own snack and a movie option to then pair up with this super cool craft. 

It just might be the start of the princess obsession in your house as well!

Who knows, they might want to see how many other princess crafts they can design and make.

Can kids make this craft on their own?

Younger kids will need some help with this paper craft, but older ones should be able to follow the instructions with a little guidance.

It's such a great way to work on their listening skills and fine motor skills as well.

And celebrate the fact that they created Mulan when they're done!

That's a big deal, as well as being so much fun.

How to Make a Paper Craft Princess Mulan


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Craft glue


1. Choose your craft paper colours. You will need one for the paper Mulan doll’s skin tone. Then green, yellow, blue, red and black coloured craft papers for her dress.

2. Trace the patterns on the selected craft papers as marked on the free template (follow the colour guide marked on the template).

3. Cut out the traced patterns as neatly as possible.

4. Attach the small red strip onto the blue top horizontally.

5. Attach the 2 small green strips along the neck border of the lighter green coloured top.

6. Cut slits along the yellow lines of the green kimono top.

Insert the blue top through the slits of the green top and glue it right in the middle of it.

7. Cut a slit along the yellow marked line of the paper hair pattern.

8. Insert the head part of the Mulan paper doll’s body pattern through the slit of the hair pattern. Apply glue to fix it in position.

9. Attach the hand cutouts onto the open ends of the sleeves of the green top.

10. Attach the 2 pink round cutouts on both cheeks of the paper doll pattern.

11. Attach the skirt and the tops onto the paper doll base.

12. Use a black marker pen to draw in the eyes and the other details of the Mulan paper doll. 

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