20 Easy and Fun STEM Science Experiments for Kids

We have been getting really into STEM kitchen science projects lately so I thought I'd share some of our favourites with you! I’ve collected a variety of easy and fun STEM science experiments for kids that I know you and your kids will enjoy.

STEM covers essential skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths that will change our children's future, creating the minds they'll need for all those jobs that possibly aren't even invented yet! For this list, I’ll be focusing on science projects. There are so many ways to explore STEM and I know you are going to love the options on this list!

What are some simple science experiments to do at home?

Have a budding scientist in the family? They’ll be busy for WEEKS experimenting with this list. I’ve done my best to include lots of variety so there’s ice, magnets, paintings, fizzy experiments and so much more to enjoy.

How do I make science fun for kids?

Many of us have not great memories of science at school, but if we'd been able to get hands-on with fun experiments that could have been very different! Your kids will love these easy to set up but fun and fascinating experiments.

Ready to check out my list of science experiments? Scroll down for the full list.

Fun & Easy STEM Science Projects for Kids

Coloured Sugar Cubes Science Project
This project is great for small scientists as well as older kids. It’s such a simple project, but so cool to see the sugar cubes absorb the colours!

Fizzy Rainbow Cloud Dough
We LOVE fizzy projects. For this one, prepare some cloud dough with baking soda and watch it fizz when you drop vinegar onto it! The bright colours are a nice added bonus, too.

Magnet Painting Project
I never thought to combine magnetic energy to painting, but it sure is cool! Kids will be amazed when they participate in this experiment.

Ice Fishing Experiment
With this experiment, see what happens when you add salt to ice. The result is so fascinating!

Walking Rainbow Experiment
If you’ve never done the walking rainbow experiment, it is a must! It requires a bit of patience, but the end result is pretty cool.

Exploring Colours with Baking Soda and Vinegar
For those who love color, this is another really cool project. Watch the reaction as you play with colour!

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur eggs anyone? Dinosaur fans will love this activity. Add salt to frozen eggs and see how quickly you can make them melt!

Sand Volcano
We all know the classic volcano experiment! This sand volcano is such an exciting option for kids.

Magic Milk Science Experiment
Magic milk is another favorite. Kids will be amazed at how the milk changes!

Skittles Experiment
There are so many candy experiments out there, but skittles continues to be our favorite. Watch the colours melt away from the sweeties!

Dissolving Marshmallows
Another really cool project is watching marshmallows dissolve. The reaction is pretty fun to watch.

Straw Rockets
Wind is a great science lesson. This doubles as a fun craft that they can then experiment with when they’re done!

Sink or Float Experiment
Did you know if you add ingredients to the water it can affect how something sinks or floats? This experiment shows what happens if you use soap or vinegar in the water!

Oil and Water Painting
Have fun with art while you experiment with science! Oil and water painting adds an extra layer of fun.

Wind Experiment
This wind experiment really dives deep into the science of wind. Try using different objects and record what happens when you blow on it or use a blow dryer!

Magnetic Slime Experiment
Ever heard of magnetic slime? Kids that love slime and science equally will go nuts for this one.

Snow Ice Balloons
This is perfect for winter months as you toss ice balloons in the snow. Kids will love this experiment for outside in the snow.

Bouncy Egg Experiment
Did you know eggs will bounce if you soak them in vinegar? Kids will be mind blown as they toss an egg and see it bounce instead of break!

Balloon Science
Balloon experiments can be quite a bit of fun. This one also involves baking soda and vinegar too!

Fizzy Rainbow Painting
Rainbow paintings are a great way to engage in colourful art. But what if you could make it fizzy? This project adds a layer of science that kids love!

Which STEM science experiment are you going to try first?

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