Best Picnic Baskets, Blankets and Recipes You Need this Summer

As the weather gets warmer, it's time to start thinking about all those long lazy lunches in the sun with family and friends.

If your picnic supplies consist of a couple of stained Tupperware boxes and a ratty blanket you can only fit one and a half kids on, it's time to invest in some new picnicware.

Read on for the best new picnic baskets, blankets, recipes and accessories that will take your al fresco dining adventure to another level!

The Best Picnic Baskets

While tossing a box of limp sandwiches in your bag will do, far better to invest in a smart picnic basket and a cooler.

This way you can carry everything you need, and keep it cold too.

Whether you opt for a traditional wicker basket with proper plates and cutlery, or a simple cool box and then add your own equipment, here are our favourite picnic baskets:

This picnic basket is perfect for your next picnic.

It is great for a small group of family and friends as it contains everything you need for up to 4 people.

With this picnic set, you will get a large lined picnic basket with a classic blue and white gingham check print (very Dorothy!).

It contains a set of plates, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, wine glasses, as well as salt and pepper shakers, a bottle opener, and a small picnic blanket all included.

All you need to add is some gtreat food and you're good to go.

Scroll down for our favourite picnic food books...

If you're buying in the UK, this picnic basket is a great alternative.

When you are taking a lot of cold items on your picnic, this basket cooler is a better option.

It keeps everything cool while you are out and about so it doesn't spoil and tastes just as good as you intended.

This basket is fully insulated, which helps the ice packs to remain cool even on the hottest day.

Also available in pink, blue and black and collapses flat for easy storage.

This picnic basket is more of an all in one as it includes the place settings as well as food storage space.

It's insulated to help keep your food and drinks cold as long as you include some ice packs inside.

You also get plates, cutlery and glasses for 2 people and a bottle opener and cheese knife are also included.

If you intend walking to your picnic spot, this all-terrian frame wheeled cooler is a great option.

This heavy duty cooler is perfect for days out or when you are walking some distance to your picnic spot.

It's spacious and keeps your picnic food and drink super cool, plus it can carry up to a whopping 100lbs.

The Best Large Picnic Blankets

The most important thing after you have chosen your picnic basket and decided what food to bring, is being able to sit comfortably.

A good picnic blanket is important whether you are picnicking at a festival, on the beach or in a park or forest.

Here are some of our favourite large picnic blankets:

This picnic blanket is actually a backpack which has its own cooler compartment and a bottle holder.

So, while your hands are full with a picnic basket and cooler, the blanket is right there on your back - and you have space to keep another bottle cool #winwin

The blanket itself is soft and comfortable and it is waterproof, sandproof, and very easy to fold up making it ideal whether you are sitting on sand or grass.

This waterproof and sandproof mat is big enouggh for up to 7 adults, so will easily accommodate  a family.

It has an attractive leaf print and folds up small for carrying.

The PVC coating makes it perfect if you have younger children as spills can be easily wiped off.

This extra large blanket in traditional red and white gingham check is padded and waterproof, so it is comfy even on stony ground.

At 79" square it is big enough for everyone plus all that yummy food.

Perfect for your next beach or countryside trip!

For traditionalists only a woollen rug will do and this very British looking blanket is just the job.

With traditional styling but modern attributes like a waterproof backing and water resistant top layer, it will serve you well on all kinds of picnics.

It's a great size too, and folds very compactly for easy carrying.

Picnic Accessories You Really Need

When you are getting ready for your picnic, it pays to bring along some handy accessories as well.

Here are 3 of our favourite extras that really make a difference to our picnics:

When you are laying out your picnic foods, but don’t intend to eat them right away, these handy food covers can stop flies and other bugs getting on them.

These collapsible mesh food covers don't take up much room and they really help to keep your food nice until you're ready to eat.

Next on the list is this brilliant wine carrier tote bag, which makes it easy to bring 2 bottles of wine, champagne, or non-alcoholic drinks to your picnic.

The padded bag protects your bottles to keep them from breaking, and gives you more space in your picnic basket for other items.

For picnic drinks plastic has seemed like the only option but, if you want to avoid plastic, you can invest in bamboo cups or these fun stainless steel wine glasses.

They are sturdy, virtually impossible to break or stain, dishwasher safe and look really stylish.

Perfect for family or friends, whatever you are drinking.

The Best Picnic Mason Jar Products

One of the best containers to bring with you on a picnic is a Mason jar.

There are so many sizes and styles, for everything from dips and salads to drinks.

You could even make our delicious Mason jar Italian salad to take with you!

Here are some of our favourite Mason jar products that aare great fro picnics:

These wider mouth jars are great for when you want to eat right out of the jar, or for houmous or other dips and dressings.

You get 12 jars so you could pack up single serve portions or use for a variety of dressings, dips and titbits.

If you are having a breakfast or afternoon tea picnic they are perfect for decanting preserves and marmalades into too.

The airtight lids will keep your food fresh until your picnic.

These Mason jars with lids with holes, handles and straws are perfect for kids drinks on your picnic.

They are large enough for a cold drink to cool them down and come in a pack of four.

Perfect for infused water, soft drinks, or even cocktails and mocktails for the adults.

These standard-size mason jars are perfect when you want to bring veggies, fruit, or salads to the picnic.

Since these are regular mouth and not wide mouth, they are better used for storing food items, not necessarily eating out of.

They are 16-ounce size which is perfect for storing different foods and come in a pack of 12 so you have plenty to use!

These smaller mason jars are perfect for desserts.

In a set of 6, we use them for yoghurts and desserts like parfait or other layered desserts.

You could even layer up compote, granola and yoghurt for a breakfast picnic.

In addition, they come with lids suitable for straws so you could use these for drinking too.

Picnic Food

The final thing to think about is what food to take with you.

This can either be the simple sandwich, or a whole plethora of delightful dishes.

Whether you buy or make your own, think about how portable your food is.

Will it still look good being tossed around in the car for an hour?

You should also think about how easy it is to serve, or if you need extra equipment with you?

We have a wide range of vegan and vegetarian picnic food recipes, but you may also like to invest in one or more of these picnic food books.

These gorgeous looking picnic books contain lots of excellent recommendations so you can go well beyond the typical offerings.

This book contains beautiful artwork, detailed recipes and a lot of different food ideas.

We love all the Mason jar recipes, as well as drinks and even some lawn game ideas for picnic-friendly fun.

This enticing book contains gorgeous photographs as well as lots of advice on how to pack your picnic basket and more.

We love that it includes food and drink options for year-round picnics, so you can enjoy classic summer picnics as well as chillier autumn and winter ones.

This classic book contains so many recipes, including lots of healthier options.

The ideas for food and drink combinations and the menu ideas really help to create unique picnics for your next family or friends gathering.

This book really does elevate the picnic to a gastronomic experience, just like the French do.

But its chic spin on picnic food and drinks and beautiful photography are definitely not style over substance.

Delicious recipes like raspberry tartlets will become a firm favourite for your next tea party or picnic.

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