Mocktails for Drivers and Expectant Mums (Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes)

I LOVE cocktails, but what to do when you're driving, TTC, pregnant, or just don't want the alcohol?  Here are some of the best mocktails around, perfect for entertaining pregnant or driving guests this summer.

Virgin Jelly Baby

One of my favourites, this is a nice big vitamin hit too, and a lovely stripy creation if poured right.

Pour 25ml of grenadine into the bottom of a tall glass and top with 100ml of (shaken) carton pineapple juice.  Then pour over 100ml of carton orange juice.  By using carton juice the pineapple should be heavier than the orange so the orange will sit nicely on the top, but if they do mix together that's fine too, the Grenadine will stay at the bottom.  Mix together to drink or be a child (like me!) and drink your layers separately!

Lovely garnished proper cocktail-styleee with a slice of orange or a cube of pineapple and a couple of cocktail cherries, you can even add a little wooden umbrella, and a jelly baby of course!


I love Bellinis (peach puree with champagne), they are just the perfect pre-dinner aperitif in the summer, this is my non-alcoholic version of it.  (N.B. You can buy peach puree mix but I have yet to find a nice one, fresh peach is best.)

Use a muddler (or even a fork) to crush a quarter of a ripe peach, skin removed.  Place the peach puree in the bottom of a champagne glass and top up with Bottle Green (or other good quality) Sparkling Elderflower.  Recline and drink!  You can also add a good dash of peach and white grape juice to both sweeten and dry up the drink, a nice alternative.

Or why not try making the raspberry version which tastes just like Chambord with Prosecco, and float a dear little fresh raspberry in the top of the glass; oh and the strawberry variant is lush too!  Great way to make the most of all the lovely summer fruits.

Virgin Sea Breeze

One of the most refreshing of the vodka cocktails, a virgin version tastes just as good - 4 parts cranbverry juice to 2 parts grapefruit juice, served in a long glass over ice or preferably shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker (that way you avoid diluting it on a hot day).  Garnish with a slice of lime.

Rosé Lychee Cooler

A delicate blend of lychee juice, fresh lime and Welch’s Rosé Grape Juice with a tropical edge. It's just a perfect summer drink, for that 'ahhhh' moment on the sun lounger, or perfect as a sundowner after a long, hot day! And don't worry if you don't like lychees, neither do I!

Just mix the following together in a 12oz highball glass:

25ml Lychee juice
200ml Welch’s Rosé Grape Juice
2 squeezes of lime
Cubed ice
Garnish with lime wedges and a lychee.


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