The REAL Price of Children

Yet another one of those 'it costs xxx to raise a child' things has been published.  This time the figure is apparently $241,080 from birth to age 18.  Personally I think that's a load of hogwash, and have written before about the real costs of raising a baby, but I wanted to stop a moment to consider what we actually get for our $$ or ££.

In those 18 years you get:

- A first smile, a first word, a first step, that maybe no-one else will see.

- The first 'Mumma' or 'Dadda', and the first cuddle/kiss/'I love you' which will make you cry.

- A surge of love when you look at them, and a love which grows and grows and grows every day.

- Someone who can make you laugh more than anyone else can.

- More love than you ever thought possible.

- Cuddles, kisses and 'I love you's on tap.

- Endless wonder over water, stones, mini-beasts, and everything else.  Plus you get to see it all again with their eyes.

- Sand castles to build, hills to roll down, and mud pies to serve.

- Someone who thinks you're amazing.

- A hand to hold which makes your heart sing.

- Someone to always be silly with and giggle yourself crazy, no matter what else is happening in life.

- Glue, glitter, Play Doh, paint, and all the fun that goes with it.

- Wonderful books to read, and games to play.

- Easter and birthdays and Christmas just as they should be.

- Handmade gifts and cards which drip with effort and love.

- To see learning every single day, often in every minute of that day.  And to learn yourself.

- To create your own perfect world with the people you love the most.

Surely that's not bad for the price!


  1. This is fabulous - there are so many things you cannot put a price on and your post is a great reminder of that!

  2. I agree with you - they are totally priceless!

  3. Only those who don't have kids yet could have the rational state of mind to consider the 'price' of raising them! Nothing can compare with what they give us in return - unconditional love, for life!

  4. I dont think about it and dont see why some people insist on telling me all about it! Lovely post and agree with every point :)) Its all magical


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