The REAL Price of Children

Yet another one of those 'it costs xxx to raise a child' things has been published.  This time the figure is apparently $241,080 from birth to age 18. 

Personally I think that's a load of hogwash, and have written before about the real costs of raising a baby, but I wanted to stop a moment to consider what we actually get for our $$ or ££.

In those 18 years you get:

- A first smile, a first word, a first step, that maybe no-one else will see.

- The first 'Mumma' or 'Dadda', and the first cuddle/kiss/'I love you' which will make you cry.

- A surge of love when you look at them, and a love which grows and grows and grows every day.

- Someone who can make you laugh more than anyone else can.

- More love than you ever thought possible.

- Cuddles, kisses and 'I love you's on tap.

- Endless wonder over water, stones, mini-beasts, and everything else.  Plus you get to see it all again with their eyes.

- Sand castles to build, hills to roll down, and mud pies to serve.

- Someone who thinks you're amazing.

- A hand to hold which makes your heart sing.

- Someone to always be silly with and giggle yourself crazy, no matter what else is happening in life.

- Glue, glitter, Play Doh, paint, and all the fun that goes with it.

- Wonderful books to read, and games to play.

- Easter and birthdays and Christmas just as they should be.

- Handmade gifts and cards which drip with effort and love.

- To see learning every single day, often in every minute of that day.  And to learn yourself.

- To create your own perfect world with the people you love the most.

Surely that's not bad for the price!

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